Pain in the left side during pregnancy

Pain during pregnancy, wherever it occurs, should be the reason for immediate medical attention. This is especially true for pain in the left side. Women are usually patient and tend to wait for everything to end by itself. Especially pregnant women may be frightened by unknown symptoms and postpone the visit to the doctor. It should be remembered that pain in the left side can be a manifestation of serious problems.

The causes of discomfort in the left side can be different.

Exacerbation of pancreatitis

Inflammation of the pancreas can have a negative effect on the body of the expectant mother and her child, and complicate the passage of the pregnancy itself. It is easy to confuse the manifestations of pancreatitis with early toxicosis, therefore, it is very important to seek medical help when, along with hyperthermia and nausea, bloating and intolerable pain under the left rib appear

At the slightest suspicion of pancreatitis, you should immediately contact a specialist who will conduct a detailed diagnosis to determine a treatment plan taking into account the woman’s position. The main diagnostic methods are biochemical analysis of blood and urine. 

Signs of gastritis

Such signs can appear after eating with feelings of fullness in the stomach, nausea. The reason may be associated with hormonal changes, as well as the failure of proper nutrition caused by it, the abuse of a certain type of food, such as sour and spicy, which pregnant women usually like. The state of pregnancy itself is stressful for the body, therefore the examination itself and the complex of therapy are selected in the most gentle way.

Inflammation of the appendix

Inflammation of the appendix can also give pain to the umbilical region and to the left side. It happens that the pregnancy itself triggers the onset of appendicitis due to pressure on the appendix of the growing uterus. 

Do not think that inflammation of the appendix can give off pain only on the right, the entire abdomen and the left side can be included in the pain process. At the slightest suspicion that you have appendicitis, seek emergency medical help, because if the suspicions are confirmed, then surgery cannot be avoided. If everything is done on time, the problem will not affect the health of the mother and child. If you delay, then you may need medical abortion.

Exacerbation of pyelonephritis

A harbinger of pyelonephritis can be untimely cured cystitis. Pain caused by acute pyelonephritis is also localized in the left side. May be accompanied by heaviness in the lumbar spine, headaches and fever. Therapy for this pathology is complex, especially in connection with pregnancy. For this reason, at the first signs of acute pyelonephritis, you should immediately consult a doctor and immediately begin treatment.

Bloating in pregnant women

This problem, which is quite common for pregnant women, can also cause pain in the left side. Flatulence is provoked by both hormonal changes in the body and the pressure of the enlarging uterus on the corresponding segment of the large intestine, as well as poor-quality food. If you have made dietary changes, walk outside a lot, and the problem persists, you should see your doctor. How much this threatens the fetus, only he can decide.


Left-sided pain can be caused by trauma to the spleen due to awkward movement or falling. To make sure that there is no rupture, you need to seek help from a doctor.

Diaphragmatic hernia

When the hernia is pinched, the upper stomach moves to the sternum and the acid overflowing over the top causes pain. If this happens to you, see your doctor immediately.


Before pregnancy, you may not have known about kidney problems, but now, when the load on them increases, you may face a new disease. Pain in the left side, radiating backward, is a reason for contacting a doctor.

Pain on the left side can be indicators of problems with internal organs, aggravated during the period of bearing a child. Take painkillers or cannot be tolerated. Therefore, make it a rule for discomfort in the left side to immediately go to the hospital.

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