We lay down to save. Emergency and planned hospitalization

Scientifically, the expression “we lay down on preservation ” is explained as the need for hospitalization and inpatient treatment of a pregnant woman in case of her poor health, complications of bearing a child, and other problems that can occur during any period of pregnancy. That is, any unfavorable factor that in one way or another may affect the health of a woman, a child, or provoke premature birth obliges to go to preservation.

When is hospitalization needed?

Emergency hospitalization of a pregnant woman is necessary if alarming symptoms identified by a gynecologist can lead to a miscarriage in a short time. In such a situation, a woman should be referred for treatment to a hospital immediately, regardless of where she is at that moment.

Indications for unscheduled (emergency) hospitalization are:

– first trimester: pulling pains in the lower abdomen, bloody smearing vaginal discharge, symptoms of termination of pregnancy, identified during an ultrasound examination;

– second trimester: cramping abdominal pain, bleeding (smearing or profuse), changes in the cervix (shortening, opening), abnormalities in the structure of the placenta;

– third trimester: previa or placental abruption, threat of premature birth, violation of the integrity of the membranes, symptoms of fetal hypoxia, exacerbation of chronic diseases of the patient, etc.

The doctor recommends that the pregnant woman lie down for preservation in a planned manner as a preventive measure if there is the slightest kind of threat to the child’s health, or if there are reasons related to the patient’s well-being. As a rule, planned hospitalization is necessary when there is a threat of miscarriage, exacerbation of chronic diseases and other indications. 

Routine hospitalization is also recommended for other reasons, which include:

– multiple pregnancy;

– diseases of the endocrine system;

– violation of metabolic processes in the body of the expectant mother;

– conception by the IVF method.

Often, women who have been treated for infertility, and also if any serious complications have been observed in previous pregnancies, have to lay down on preservation.

What to take with you to the hospital?

With an unscheduled hospitalization, a woman has practically no time to prepare and get ready to go to the hospital. In this case, everything she needs should be brought later by her relatives. The main thing is to have a phone with you in order to inform your husband, parents, someone close to you in time.

If the inpatient treatment is planned in advance, the patient has time to collect all the necessary things to make the hospital stay as comfortable as possible.

The minimum list of necessary things includes:

· Tracksuit or bathrobe (whichever is more comfortable).

· Two nightgowns.


Shower slippers

· Personal hygiene items (towels, soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush, sanitary pads, toilet paper, wet wipes, cosmetics, etc.).

· Dishes (plate, cup, fork, spoon).

· Phone and charger for it.

In addition, upon admission to the hospital, it is imperative to have a passport, exchange card, medical insurance policy, a doctor’s referral, an extract on the indications of the last tests.

Please note that when your doctor says: “We immediately lay down on preservation, ” – in no case should you neglect his requirement, even if the woman is feeling relatively good at the moment. Symptoms dangerous for the normal course of pregnancy can be hidden or implicitly expressed, but they cannot be ignored, since neglect of health in such a crucial period can lead to disastrous consequences. 

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