Home birth: we prepare correctly and are not afraid of anything!

You have probably heard the phrase at least once in your life: “Before, they gave birth in the field – and nothing…” Yes, of course, it was so. And if not “in the field”, then certainly under the roof of their house, women of all classes gave birth. There was no talk of any maternity hospitals in the century before last. And, although today everything is happening with the correctness to the contrary – childbirth takes place exclusively in maternity hospitals – an increasing number of women want to experience this crucial moment of their lives at home, where, as they say, the walls help. Home birth has been gaining popularity lately, and since it is still associated with many risks for both the mother and the baby, you need to thoroughly prepare for them.  


To begin with, you need to consult with a gynecologist leading a pregnancy, whether it is generally possible to give birth at home in each case. One desire to give life to a child under her own home, surrounded by close people is not enough – a woman should be absolutely healthy, tolerate the entire pregnancy well, she should not have any pathologies, chronic diseases, complications of pregnancy.

Please note that home birth is not possible a priori under the following circumstances:  

– narrow pelvis;

– placenta previa;

– cardiovascular pathologies in the expectant mother;

– gestosis;

– uterine fibroids;

– ovarian tumor;

– incorrect position of the child;

– large fruit;

– any pathology of fetal development.

In addition, the psychological unwillingness of a woman to take such a responsible step becomes a contraindication for childbirth at home. Therefore, before thinking about the possibility of giving birth at home, think about whether you are ready to cope with this without the qualified help of doctors.

If the above restrictions are not present, the next step in training is finding an experienced, professional midwife who specializes in home birth. Particular attention should be paid to the qualifications of such a specialist, practical experience of receiving childbirth at home, the level of knowledge in providing comprehensive assistance to a woman in labor and a newborn baby.

It is very important not just to hire a midwife so that she is ready to start her immediate duties by the appointed time, but to establish a trusting relationship with her. Psychological contact, moral support from a literate person play an important role, facilitating the whole process of childbirth for a woman. If there is an opportunity to meet people who have used the services of your chosen midwife, be sure to talk with them.

Even if you are sure that a home birth should take place without complications, just in case, take care of the “insurance” in advance. A couple of days before giving birth, do an ultrasound scan, find out in detail about the location of all medical institutions closest to your home, and also arrange an ambulance call, which will be on duty at the entrance of your house until the birth is completed safely.  

Positive points

Why is it so much more convenient to give birth at home? Firstly, the woman in labor has no fear that doctors will carry out any third-party, painful medical manipulations, that is, there is confidence that the child will be born in an absolutely natural way. Secondly, a woman will be able to give birth in the most convenient position for her, and not as it will be convenient for doctors – lying on the table in the delivery room . Thirdly, home birth can be organized in water, which is considered the most favorable for the baby and reduces pain in the mother.

Once the baby is born, it can be attached to the breast, which is not done in most maternity hospitals today. But this is a very important point – the first drops of colostrum are the most valuable nutritious product for a newborn, “starting” his digestive system, forming a favorable intestinal microflora, strengthening the immune system.

When giving birth at home, in a familiar environment, a woman feels much calmer and more confident, which has a beneficial effect on the course of childbirth. In addition, her husband will always be next to her, who at any time can provide support to the woman in labor – both moral and physical. 

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