Postpartum sex

At the time of the birth of a baby, women do not think about how her intimate relationship with her husband will develop in the future. And in general, what kind of sex can we talk about when a mother presses a newborn to her breast.

However, this is not a reason to stop at this stage both family and sexual life. During this period, not only a newborn baby needs care and affection, but also his father.

During the postpartum period, many factors influence sexual relations. This could be:

  • the course of labor;
  • the presence of postpartum complications;
  • general well-being of a woman after childbirth.

According to statistical data, almost 50% of women face difficulties in intimate communication even after three months after giving birth, or they perceive sex as an overwhelming duty. Approximately 18% of women face this problem throughout the year.  

Doctors often recommend resuming sexual relations no later than 6-8 weeks after the baby is born. Although here a woman can only herself be able to assess her general well-being and her readiness to continue her sexual life. And before the first sexual intercourse after childbirth, it was a good idea to pay a visit to the gynecologist to make sure that the body has fully recovered. In addition, your doctor will help you choose the contraceptive method that is best for this period.  

Because of what, after giving birth, women postpone sex for later

The reasons for this behavior of women can be exclusively individual in nature, but there are general factors that prevent spouses from continuing their sexual life after childbirth.

The first is vaginal dryness, which is caused by a deficiency of estrogen hormones. This problem can be fixed very easily. To do this, it is advisable to use special agents that help moisturize the mucous membranes, lubricants .

The second reason is that women feel pain or fear of the first postpartum sex because of the stitches that are on the incisions and tears of the perineum. During this period, the sensitivity of the mucous membranes and the surface of the skin in the perineum and in front of the vagina is increased. In places where stitches are applied, sensations of pain and discomfort may appear. During intercourse, a woman may unconsciously resist the penetration of a member into the vagina. To prevent this from happening during intercourse, it is necessary to relax as much as possible and use postures in which a woman can control her own movements, which will avoid the appearance of a feeling of pain.

Usually, after giving birth by the method of cesarean section, it is easier for the weaker sex to have sex, since the vagina is not stretched during the passage of the child, there are no tears and scars.

The third reason is psychological problems. During the first three weeks after the birth of a baby, women may develop endogenous depression, which is aggravated by general fatigue and lack of sleep. In this case, it is very important that the child’s father provides all possible help and support in solving everyday life problems, helps take care of the newborn.

In addition, newly minted mothers begin to be tormented by doubts about their sexual attractiveness due to a significant increase in extra pounds, swollen breasts and the appearance of stretch marks. As a rule, the nutrition of lactating women is very high in calories, and their physical activity is low. All this provokes an increase in body weight, thus, significantly reducing self-esteem.  

The fourth reason is that the sex drive is dull in women. This condition is caused by a decrease in the concentration of estrogen in the blood. Sometimes women are reluctant to have sex for fear that a new pregnancy may occur. And if difficulties occurred during labor, then the unwillingness to have sex may be due to the subconscious desire of the newly-made mother to take revenge on her partner for the suffering she had to endure. 

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