9 months: is there a pregnancy without toxicosis?

– Darling, I’m pregnant!

– Hooray! Exciting toxicosis awaits you ahead!

Darling, I’m pregnant! You can make films about the reaction of men to this news. But no matter what the reaction of the stronger sex to the pregnancy of their companion, the pregnancy itself will take place according to the same rules.

Pregnancy for a woman is like an army for a man: time goes on endlessly, you get dull, you always want to eat and sleep. How many jokes about pregnant women! The mood of expectant mothers changes spontaneously and unpredictably. Either the world seems the most beautiful and delightful, then abruptly – once you just want to cry.

Pregnant women are under the control of their moods and cannot do anything about it. Because they are already controlled by hormones. Hormones make them capricious and make unpredictable decisions; it’s hormones that make them want pickles or some kind of maraca.

But the most insidious that hormones get up is toxicosis. Most expectant mothers complain of nausea in the first weeks of pregnancy. And if in the first half of the term toxicosis is not a dangerous phenomenon, then in the last periods it is already dangerous for mom to have such an unpleasant ailment.

What are the causes of toxicosis during pregnancy?

In the first stages of pregnancy, toxicosis occurs because mothers in the first 16 weeks do not yet have a protective placenta. The fetus develops inside without a protective layer, and the woman’s body is not protected from metabolic products secreted by the baby. Because of this, nausea occurs, certain foods and some odors are not tolerated.

Another cause of toxicosis during pregnancy, doctors call hormonal changes that occur in the female body at this time. As a result, the centers of smell, touch, tissue of the larynx, which are responsible for the vomiting reflex, become more sensitive and excitable. And in this case, vomiting, nausea or disgust can also occur, caused by certain odors that do not affect the woman in her usual state.

But, if the first stages of pregnancy have already passed a long time, and your mother is still sick, this may be a sign of other factors. For example, a predisposition to toxicosis can be inherited. If a mother suffered from nausea during pregnancy, then it is possible that her daughter will also bear a child with non-toxicosis.

Toxicosis itself can be expressed in different ways: constant bouts of vomiting in the morning or just nausea in public transport or a categorical aversion to any food. In the first term, you should not even avoid toxicosis, it is on the contrary a good sign that indicates that there is a hormonal change and the fetus develops according to the rules, as nature intended.  

But toxicosis in the last trimester of pregnancy is already a bad sign. This phenomenon is already called gestosis or late toxicosis , and is a serious problem for mom. This period is characterized by the appearance of protein in the urine and edema, high blood pressure, plus weight gain of more than 400 grams per week. 

The stronger the symptoms are expressed, the worse the condition of the future mother. If these signs are not prevented in time, then everything may end in a bad way. Therefore, pregnant women should be constantly monitored by a doctor in order to begin treatment at an early stage.

Treat gestosis based on the symptoms and complexity of the development of the disease. Usually, doctors prescribe drugs that improve maternal blood flow and drugs that lower blood pressure.

Preeclampsia can be caused by a mother’s malnutrition. A lot of salty leads to impaired renal function. Excessive consumption of spicy, fatty, sweet, during pregnancy can add more than 10 kilograms. Extra kilograms will lead to increased pressure and vasospasm, and this – to the load on the heart, kidneys and lungs. In this condition, the body will begin to give all its strength to fight mother’s ailments, forgetting about the child, and he will be ill-developed in the womb.

With a strong stage of development of toxicosis or gestosis, it is worth going to the doctor. And with ordinary toxicosis, there are many remedies. Our grandmothers were treated for toxicosis with folk remedies. Many pregnant women start the morning with breakfast with sweet strong tea and salted crackers, this helps them avoid nausea. And all day they drink water with lemon, which helps to feel more cheerful. If you do not like sour water, then instead of lemon you can brew ivan tea, calendula or dogrose. Herbal tea is recommended to drink a little, but often. Before taking herbs and any other means of a pregnant woman, it is advisable to consult a doctor to avoid possible side effects and an allergic reaction.

Ideally, so that there is no toxicosis, doctors advise mothers to undergo a course of cleansing the body. Cleansing should be done before pregnancy and during. In order to bring your body in order, it is necessary to take a course of taking sorbents. Among the huge variety of these drugs on the market, doctors distinguish polysorb. Polysorb can be drunk during pregnancy, it is also prescribed for young children. This medicine consists of natural silicon and has no chemical additives, only silicon and nothing else. Polysorb is intended for the treatment of diarrhea, allergies and many other diseases where body cleansing is required. Toxicosis in pregnant women, including. Flint polysorb particles are able to remove toxins, waste, allergens, radionuclides, poisons and other harmful substances, plus metabolic products secreted by the baby inside the mother, which causes toxicosis of the first trimester of pregnancy. If mothers will regularly cleanse the body, then toxicosis for them will pass unnoticed.

Besides the fact that polysorb cleanses the body, it is struggling with another problem with toxicosis. Doctors believe that toxicosis appears due to metabolic disorders, due to hormonal failure. Various bacteria, viruses and other external irritants lead to poisoning of the body. This becomes the cause of an imbalance in the work of various organs and systems. It is impossible for the body to cope with this ailment on its own. With this problem, pregnant women are also advised to take polysorb.  

The effect of polysorb is felt already after two to three days from the start of administration. Since the poisonous substances that caused toxicosis are completely eliminated from the body, the symptoms disappear by themselves: there is a desire for vomiting, nausea, and the general condition of the future mother improves. And most importantly, the negative impact of toxins on the development of the baby is reduced.

An important fact during pregnancy is the atmosphere at home. The main thing is that the relatives understand what annoys the expectant mother and try to ensure her absolute peace. Load her homework as little as possible. And even to love her whims. Does it look like utopia? And you just try at least one day a little closer to the ideal, for the sake of the unborn child.

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