What is adenomyosis ? Influence on the reproductive functions of women

One of the most serious diseases of the female genitourinary system is adenomyosis . It happens that this disease is confused with uterine fibroids, since their symptoms are very similar. What is this disease , what is adenomyosis and how to characterize it? This is a difficult, difficult to treat disease. A whole complex of measures is often used in order to overcome it. In no case can adenomyosis be treated on its own . Treatment is prescribed exclusively by a gynecologist. 

If you do not closely engage in treatment, adenomyosis becomes the cause of infertility, although at its initial stage, pregnancy is possible. In this case, the woman should be under special supervision of the doctor leading the pregnancy for the entire pregnancy – only in this way the prognosis will be favorable, the birth will be successful and the child will be born healthy. It should be borne in mind that the likelihood of miscarriage is extremely high in adenomyosis , since the inner surface of the walls of the uterus changes, the epithelium grows, as a result of which it is difficult for the egg to attach to the destructively changed surface.

Symptoms of adenomyosis

In adenomyosis, the endometrium, which is the layer of the uterine lining, grows into the myometrium – the muscle layer. Symptoms of the appearance of adenomyosis can be:

– profuse menstruation, characterized by the appearance of a discharge of a darker color than it was before;

– menstruation becomes longer and more painful;

– pronounced premenstrual syndrome.

– a woman is haunted by dizziness, vomiting, loss of strength, pain occurs during intercourse.

Many experts, answering the question of what adenomyosis is, say that it is a hormonal imbalance, which leads to obvious disruptions in the work of the female body. That is, an anomaly occurs due to strange behavior of the mucosa, which “attack” and destroys muscle, downstream on uterine layer.  

Adenomyosis can easily form not only in the body of the uterus, but also in the cervical region. In this case, the disease also negatively affects the course of pregnancy. Reproductive specialists can help a woman suffering from this form of pathology and planning to become a mother at the same time.

If the diagnosis was made in a timely manner, at the initial stage of the development of adenomyosis , then the chances of giving birth to a healthy child are very high. It is possible to put in doubt those cases when the treatment of the disease was delayed and the necessary intervention was not carried out on time.

The reasons

Scientists do not know the exact cause of the disease. Glandular degeneration of the muscle tissue of the uterus, as well as destructive changes in the ovaries, characteristic of adenomyosis , can occur against the background of physical and psychological overload, if a woman experiences them constantly for a long time. In addition, this pathology is usually considered as a type of such a dangerous gynecological disease as endometriosis.

Even highly qualified specialists cannot say what adenomyosis is and are unable, therefore, to name the clear reasons that caused it. There are only assumptions. Some experts believe that hormonal disruptions or excessive production of male sex hormones by the endocrine glands of a woman is to blame. This can be facilitated by both unhealthy diet and lifestyle, and bad habits – smoking and drinking. Hormonal imbalances can be caused by changes at the genetic level. The provoking factor is poor ecology and hereditary predisposition.  

The development of adenomyosis is an irreversible process. It is possible to slow down the development of the disease, thanks to the use of special measures, but the destructive muscle tissue of the uterus can no longer be restored.

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