Adenomyosis of the uterus. There is a cure!

Adenomyosis is a latent, often asymptomatic, but not at all harmless disease. Infertility is one of its negative consequences. And since for any woman the diagnosis of “infertility” is a terrible sentence, a natural question arises: “Is it possible to cure uterine adenomyosis ?” Treatment of the disease, it must be said, on the one hand, is not difficult, but on the other, everything is far from so simple.  

How to deal with “trouble”?

It is comforting that the level of development of medicine is constantly increasing, diagnostic methods are becoming more and more perfect, and new, highly effective medications are being developed to treat pathologies that were previously considered incurable.

But women also need to be vigilant. Recommendations for a regular visit to a gynecologist for a preventive examination are not a whim of doctors, but an urgent need for the woman herself. Often, a woman may not experience any health complaints, no unpleasant or painful sensations at all, as is the case with uterine adenomyosis , for example. Meanwhile, the pathological processes inside the body are not only safely present, but also dynamically developing. Only a specialist can detect the problem. And we all know that the earlier the treatment of any disease is started, no matter what area it belongs to, the more positive the prognosis for full recovery will be.

It is rather difficult to detect the presence of adenomyosis . The symptoms of this disease are not always obvious, on the contrary, for a long period a woman may not notice any changes in her health. If the presence of the disease is not detected immediately, subsequently it can lead to irreversible consequences.

It is not always possible to detect the presence of adenomyosis of the uterus and, accordingly, to prescribe the appropriate treatment with a standard, superficial examination. The doctor will have to use special devices if there is a likelihood of the presence of this disease in the woman’s body. A number of tests and studies will also not be superfluous, since destructive changes occur precisely in the uterine cavity, and not in the vagina, as a result of which the pathology is difficult to detect “visually”. Ultrasound and MRI are also becoming indispensable diagnostic methods in this case.    

Treatment methods

The most extreme method of treating this pathology is the complete removal of the uterus with appendages. Progressive adenomyosis , which has penetrated not only into most of the muscular layer of the uterus, but also spread beyond its limits, can threaten not only health, but also the life of a woman. In this case, of course, drastic measures will have to be taken.

But the treatment of the disease does not always require surgical intervention. At the initial stages of development, adenomyosis can be treated and even recommended with medication. And here the main thing is to immediately get into the hands of an experienced specialist who can detect abnormal changes in the tissues of the uterus in time, correctly diagnose the patient and develop the correct program of complex treatment.

It is clear that there can be no talk of any treatment with folk remedies for the diagnosis of uterine adenomyosis . They can be used only as a supportive, restorative therapy that will strengthen the health of a woman and accelerate the healing process. But even in this case, no measures can be taken without first consulting a doctor.    

Modern medications are able to effectively combat destructive changes in the muscle tissue of the uterus. In this case, the main goal in the treatment of adenomyosis is to restore the hormonal balance of the woman’s body.

Anti-inflammatory, hormonal and immunomodulatory therapies will provide excellent support for women’s health, help maintain pregnancy (if adenomyosis is detected after its onset) and prevent further progression of pathological processes.

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