Artificial conception can cause miscarriage

Experts at an American hospital have established a link between the use of new methods of conceiving a child and the phenomenon of spontaneous miscarriage. More precisely, the use of artificial conception of a child and artificial stimulation of ovulation can cause an unfavorable pregnancy outcome – miscarriage.

In the course of the study, more than thirty-six thousand singleton conceptions were analyzed. More than thirty-four thousand of the women studied had a natural pregnancy, one and a half thousand became pregnant after stimulating ovulation, more than five hundred women underwent artificial conception. 

Scientists have found that the likelihood of spontaneous abortion after the twenty-fourth week is much higher in pregnant women who have undergone ovarian stimulation.

The use of innovative methods of artificial conception became the cause of such negative complications as toxicosis in the last months of pregnancy, a significant increase in blood pressure, pathology of the fetal membrane and the actual miscarriage.

In this regard, it is extremely important that women who have undergone ovulation stimulation or artificial conception are constantly under the supervision of qualified medical personnel. If the need arises, then such women should be provided with more comfortable conditions.

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