Bleeding between periods

Bleeding between periods is the discharge of a bloody substance from the vagina around the middle of the menstrual cycle. Bleeding between periods should not be confused with polymenorrhea . Polymenorrhea is a short menstrual cycle that lasts approximately 13-15 days. The reason for such a cycle of menstruation may lie in a violation of uterine contractions, with a slow process of regeneration of the endometrium, as well as in violation of blood clotting. In other words, bleeding between periods cannot be attributed to polymenorrhea .

Bleeding between periods is a very common gynecological disorder. More than eighty percent of bleeding between periods is a mild discharge, in other cases, the discharge is quite plentiful. The peculiarity of such bleeding between periods is that they can begin both without prerequisites and after sexual contact.

As a rule, bleeding between periods does not pose a threat and occurs due to:

– failures of the hormonal background of the body;

– stressful situations;

– use of oral contraceptives;

– the formation of benign tumors;

– diseases of the endometrium of the uterine cavity;

– diseases of the uterine neck and so on.

Taking oral contraceptives is often accompanied by bleeding between periods – this is basically normal. If a woman uses birth control pills irregularly, that is, takes them too late or too often, then this factor can cause bleeding from the beginning to the end of the monthly cycle.

When using the contraceptive intrauterine device, as one of the methods of contraception, bleeding in the middle of the cycle may also occur. In such a situation, it is necessary to see a gynecologist. Bleeding between periods can be a symptom of an inflammatory or infectious process, a neoplasm or tumor in the cervix, vagina, or urethra.

Small blood spots on underwear at the very beginning or in the middle of the menstruation cycle may indicate mechanical damage to the mucous membrane of the vagina or uterine cervix during sexual intercourse. Frequent bleeding in the middle of the menstrual cycle after sex is not considered normal. If such a phenomenon occurs, it is urgent to visit a gynecologist.

Most often, bleeding between periods is related to the disorder of the hormonal background of the female body in percent.

essay ovulation. To verify this, it is necessary to take readings of the basal temperature, since during the development of bleeding between menstruation, it rises. As a rule, such a pathological phenomenon, that is, ovulation that occurs on the wrong days, needs to be corrected.

It is worth noting that bleeding between periods has no relationship with pregnancy and does not affect its absence in the future.

However, bleeding between periods can be the first symptom of an oncological disease, and therefore a thorough gynecological examination is necessary. As a rule, in such situations, patients are referred for pelvic ultrasound.

It is extremely important to treat bleeding between periods if these pathological phenomena cause concern to a woman, for example, cause pain.

A visit to the gynecologist is necessary with a regular delay in the menstrual cycle, with painful menstruation, with excessively heavy or, on the contrary, scanty periods, in violation of their duration. Even with the establishment of any pathology, do not despair, since it is much easier to eliminate the disease in the first stages. Probably after a week, health will return to normal.

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