Causes and signs of frigidity in women

According to experts, about 40% of the fairer sex are faced with sexual problems, and in about 50% of such cases, the diagnosis of frigidity is confirmed.

For the majority, such a verdict is the final verdict, but in practice it is quite possible to say goodbye to this problem.

The reasons

According to observational data, there may be a large number of true prerequisites for the development of this diagnosis. Modern medicine does not exclude the simultaneous influence of several factors of a psychological nature.

Usually, the frigidity of women is due to different perceptions of sexual life, disappointments or expectations in this regard. For example, often the source of such detachment from sexual intimacy can be hidden in:
 Modesty, imperfections in appearance or modesty of the body;
 Sexual diseases, fear of contracting an infection;
 Unwillingness to get pregnant or have sex at all;
 Complaints, disgust towards a partner;
 Unpleasant memories of past experiments;
 Insomnia, fatigue, prolonged depression.

The fact that the causes of female frigidity may be interconnected with hormonal disruptions and prolactin growth is no exception. Late puberty, early sexual experience, frequent illnesses (including colds), pregnancy – these events can remind of themselves with coldness at the present time. The main task of any woman is to timely identify the indifference of the body, go to an appointment with a specialist and begin to deal with signs of frigidity.

This pathology does not always come from an intimate framework. It is likely that the physiological passivity does not depend on age or helplessness in bed only for women. It should also be borne in mind that the true provocation of such an answer is the man’s wrong actions, his selfishness and bad habits (snoring) or other features that repel intimacy.

In addition, an additional disadvantage is the presence of such a partner’s problem, in particular impotence, which is definitely not a motivating factor, so prevention will need to be carried out by both partners.

Signs of female frigidity

The main disadvantage is that many women do not perceive this deviation as a disease. Since this problem is not accompanied by obvious changes, like other nuances of an intimate nature, there are no important reasons either, therefore, an annual visit to a specialist, in principle, is not necessary – many patients usually come to this conclusion.

Very often, the reason for hiding the problem is excessive isolation. According to the woman, the reason is her negative perception of sex, or she simply ignores some cases, which in no way diminishes the issue of sexual intercourse.

Signs of female frigidity can manifest as follows:

 Excessive irritability and nervous shock;
 Apathy, drowsiness, lethargy, minimum of emotions;
 Vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse;
 Ardent reluctance to intimacy and experimentation;
 Lack of orgasm and mistrust of the sexual partner.

It is categorically not allowed to start self-medication for this female problem, taking into account the fact that it is not always effective. Trying to increase a woman’s interest with the help of “Viagra” or other drugs for arousal, most likely, will not be crowned with success – the real reason is hidden, first of all, in the psychological perception of the body, and a specialist should deal with this issue. 

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