Cervical erosion

Erosion is a modification of the surface structure. Erosion of the cervix is ​​a pathological modification of the mucous membrane that occurs simultaneously with the destruction of the epithelial cover. The vast majority of women of childbearing age have a high probability of encountering this pathology. Erosion is dangerous because an infection can easily join it, and it can also become the basis of the oncological process. This time bomb, which hardly manifests itself in any way, can lead to serious consequences.

Causes of erosion

Erosion of the cervix can be caused by hormonal disruptions, mechanical damage to the mucous membrane due to abortion and other injuries, venereal infections, as well as changes in the qualitative composition of microflora as a result of a decrease in the level of immunity. Early onset of sexual activity can be a likely cause. The concept of early and not early can be judged by the fact that the maturation of the mucous membrane of the cervix finally occurs by 20 – 23 years. If intercourse occurs before the maturation of the mucous membrane, it can be injured and this can serve as the beginning of the problem.

Can erosion bleed

Yes, spotting is an absolute sign of cervical erosion. There are no other signs of pathology. But she does not always bleed. The so-called contact bleeding is known, which is weakly expressed as smearing discharge immediately after intercourse. Erosion is not reflected in terms and painful sensations during menstruation. If erosion occurs against the background of infectious diseases, this pathology may be accompanied by mucous or mucopurulent discharge from the vagina.

Erosion diagnostics

The disease is easily detected during a routine gynecological examination. With a serious approach to treatment, it is necessary, first of all, to exclude the presence of atypical cells and to establish the cause of erosion. When diagnosing erosion, the following studies are carried out:

  • PCR – diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections
  • Smear for microflora and cytology
  • Bacterial culture to study the balance of microorganisms, which helps to identify dysbiosis
  • Extensive colposcopy by staining eroded areas
  • Biopsy is done as needed

In Moscow clinics, you can undergo a thorough examination in absolute confidentiality.

Treatment of cervical erosion

A comprehensive individual approach with careful diagnosis and anamnesis is required. To prevent the development of erosion or if it is caused by an infection, it is first of all necessary to get rid of this cause. Treatment is mandatory for both sex partners. If erosion in women from eighteen to twenty-one years proceeds without inflammatory processes, they are shown only observation, without intervention.

There are two methods of erosion treatment:
conservative and operative. Conservative involves the use of pharmaceuticals, ointments, solutions and physical procedures . Most often, the conservative technique is effective and applicable to nulliparous women.

If the erosion has a large area, it is removed by cauterization. It is of the following types:

  • Radio wave removal, or ” radio knife “. This method avoids scarring and avoids damaging adjacent tissues. The procedure is fast. It is used more often in women who are still planning a pregnancy
  • Laser exposure, or laser coagulation
  • Cryodestruction . The method consists in exposing the affected tissues to liquid nitrogen, or freezing
  • Diathermoconization – electric cauterization. The most famous of the earliest moxibustion erosion methods
  • Chemical coagulation involves applying a drug to damaged tissue that kills erosion cells. A crust remains at the site of erosion, which disappears after three days.

The woman will need short-term observation in order to avoid complications such as bleeding or a drop in blood pressure. The woman can immediately go home.

The moxibustion procedure in any way lasts about half an hour, of which direct contact with the damaged area lasts about ten minutes. For nulliparous women, doctors do not recommend cardinal treatments until the birth itself, since the procedure leaves a scar that is not helpful during childbirth, especially the first.

Cauterization can be performed after childbirth, breastfeeding is not a contraindication, since the body does not receive any chemical action, the intervention does not require anesthesia.

For those who are worried about the painfulness of the procedure, we note: the discomfort is minimal, there is no pain.

Erosion treatment in clinics in Moscow

In the Moscow clinic, you will be assisted by top-class gynecologists who know the latest methods of cervical therapy. To avoid undue damage to the cervical tissue during the procedure, only an experienced gynecologist and a clinic that has modern equipment should be trusted. In this clinic you will find everything you need. Diagnostics, treatment and observation with us you will undergo at affordable prices. A full range of services for the treatment of cervical problems will provide you with high quality and affordable. The clinic has hundreds of positive reviews, which you can find on the website.

If erosion is not treated

If you ignore this disease, you run the risk of triggering uncontrollable pathological processes and complications in the body. The number of cases of erosion and complications from it has been steadily growing lately. Self-medication, as well as ineffective treatment, as well as its delay, you can comprehend inflammation of the genitourinary system, reproductive disorders up to infertility and cervical cancer.

If it is established that your cervical pathology is not malignant, then it can be cured quickly and efficiently, without consequences for the health of the body. At the same time, the chances increase if you are examined and treated in clinics with modern equipment and high-level professionals.

If you suspect you have a problem, do not postpone a visit to a specialist. Put aside groundless fears and doubts and tell the gynecologist at the clinic about the details of your feelings. A very important factor for a woman is the feeling of trust in the gynecologist. A trustful and friendly atmosphere in our clinic is guaranteed to you.
Do not avoid being examined by a gynecologist every six months. A good specialist, equipment in a modern clinic, as well as your responsible attitude towards your own health will allow you to maintain your women’s health and give you confidence and peace of mind for years to come.

Treatment of erosion with folk remedies

A positive effect was established during the treatment with sea buckthorn oil, the result is noticeable from the first days of treatment, and the necessary therapeutic effect is noted already by the second week of treatment. The method of treatment is the introduction of a tampon soaked in oil at night. The use of sea buckthorn oil has no contraindications and side effects, and is also available to everyone. The best time for treatment is the first half of the cycle, when tissue regeneration processes are best in the female body.

However, do not forget to consult with your gynecologist before starting treatment.

In a similar way, tamponade is carried out using Levomekol surgical ointment . However, after it, the effect of allergies may occur, and it is also not a panacea and does not guarantee a complete cure.

For the treatment of erosion, a beekeeping product such as propolis, or rather its water infusion, is successfully used. Propolis not only nourishes damaged tissues and relieves inflammation, but also increases the immunity of the genital area. The best effect was achieved when using propolis alcohol solution. Honey is also used to treat erosion. Beekeeping products miraculously heal erosive ulcers and promote rapid epithelialization of tissues.

Medicinal plants are also used in the treatment of cervical erosion.

• Calendula, in combination with yarrow and chamomile in equal parts, is used for douching
• For douching, a decoction of the berry root is used
• The boron uterus has a good effect in erosion, for tampons and douching .

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