Dermatoses of pregnant women. Causes, treatment

Pregnancy is a new stage in the life of the female body. It rebuilds based on new features, which may cause some systems to malfunction. In connection with conception, the development of the fetus, the amount of sex hormones increases, which can lead to side effects that are very often reflected in the condition of the skin of pregnant women, the so-called dermatoses of pregnant women. 

The most common is polymorphic dermatosis of pregnant women, which usually occurs in primiparas in the third trimester of pregnancy. The disease is associated with an increase in the body weight of the pregnant woman and the fetus, overstretching of the abdominal skin. On the belly skin, buttocks, thighs, at least if – ya, palms and soles appear rash (papules), which merge into plaques resembling large ox – dyri, sometimes forming drain polycyclic lesions.  

Vysy – pany may be accompanied by severe itching. Itchy skin occurs in 2% of pregnant women . Presumably itching due to increased ex – Kretz bile acids under the influence of endogenous hormones (est – Rogen and progesterone). Usually the skin on the abdomen is affected in the third trimester. After childbirth, the itching disappears. Less common herpes pregnant .Zabolevanie usually begins at 4 7th month of pregnancy, but may also occur in the first three – Mestre and the postpartum period. It manifested in the form of papules and ve – zikul. Elements Raspaud – Laga groups, resulting in the name “herpes  

pregnant – . GOVERNMENTAL ” The process usually begins with the navel, and then races – uted to the skin of the abdomen, thighs, palms and soles, rarely – on the oral mucosa. Most pregnant women develop atrophic stripes (striae of pregnant women) on the skin of the abdomen, buttocks, and mammary glands.  

Atrophic stripes are usually arranged symmetrically, 4-6 mm wide, whitish-lilac, slightly sunken. In addition, during pregnancy observed more pronounced – naya common skin pigmentation develops in the breast nipples, genitals, midline Ms – vota.Posle delivery skin changes usually regress and do not affect the health of the child. All options give a pregnant woman a lot of discomfort. To reduce the intensity of clinical manifestations, it is necessary to observe the correct regimen (rest, walks in the fresh air, adequate sleep), also exclude spicy and fried foods, spices from the diet, and limit salt intake. In some cases, sedatives (motherwort, etc.) and antiallergic drugs are prescribed.   

Also, to remove toxins from the body of a pregnant woman, including bile acids, drugs from the group of enterosorbents are prescribed, for example Polysorb MP, which, being in the intestine, binds endo- and exogenous toxins, allergens, bile acids, while it is not absorbed into the blood and is excreted from the body with harmful substances adsorbed on it. As a result, the symptoms of dermatoses are significantly reduced or completely disappear. The drug is diluted in water and taken 3-4 times a day 1-1.5 hours before or after meals. Polysorb MP is safe for a pregnant woman and a fetus. 

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