Colposcopy and pregnancy

Many pregnant women often ask themselves the question of whether or not it is possible to undergo a colposcopy procedure during pregnancy, whether it is dangerous for the child.

There is nothing surprising in this, since any sane expectant mother always worries about the health of her future baby.

Colposcopy is a rather informative technique for gynecological examination, with the help of which it becomes possible to establish a huge number of pathologies of the genitourinary system of the female body.

Almost all specialists in the field of gynecology and obstetrics agree that it is better to resort to this kind of gynecological examination method before conception. This point of view is conditioned by the fact that pregnancy, preferably, should occur in a perfectly healthy woman. Accordingly, if already during the period of bearing the child, it became necessary for the expectant mother to undergo the colposcopy procedure, it means that conception occurred in the course of any gynecological pathology. Consequently, if a woman underwent colposcopy and other necessary research methods before conception, then before pregnancy she could heal and be completely healthy.

Nevertheless, even taking this point of view into account, colposcopy can be performed during pregnancy for certain indications. For example, among gynecological pathologies, there are certain types of cervical erosion, which are strongly recommended to be eliminated, precisely being in an interesting position. The main difference in the treatment of such erosions is that pregnant women are treated for cervical erosion not with the help of chemical drugs, but using the most delicate of all pharmaceuticals.

Quite often, gynecologists discover during pregnancy in women significant foci of cervical erosion by means of colposcopy, carried out, of course, during the period of a woman carrying a child. Such erosion should also be treated during pregnancy before the baby is born. If such erosion is not treated, then, most likely, the birth of a child will occur using a surgical caesarean section. Caesarean section in this case is necessary in order to prevent rupture of the cervix, weakened and thinned by erosion.

It should be borne in mind that colposcopy during pregnancy must be performed only by a qualified specialist, since only high qualifications and experience of a doctor can guarantee that neither the health of the child, nor the health of the mother will be harmed. In other words, colposcopy during pregnancy should be done very carefully and carefully.

Many women who are going to become pregnant in the near future are interested in whether it is possible to become pregnant after undergoing the colposcopy procedure.

The answer, of course, is unequivocal. That is, if no gynecological pathologies are found according to the results of colposcopy, then a woman can become pregnant at any time. If there are any deviations, then it is necessary to direct all efforts to correct treatment. After treatment, take the necessary tests again and, under favorable conditions, plan the baby.

Colposcopy during pregnancy is very easy to prevent. To do this, you just need to properly plan a pregnancy, that is, seek advice from a gynecologist, informing him of your immediate plans. After all the required examinations and tests have been carried out, the specialist will send you either for treatment or allow you to start trying to get pregnant.

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