Early symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy

If, during a normal uterine pregnancy, the embryo enters the uterus, is implanted into it and begins to develop, then when pregnancy occurs, the ectopic ovum stops movement from the ovaries, not reaching the uterus.

What’s happening? A woman’s mature egg is fertilized by a man’s sperm while in the fallopian tube. Further, it turns into an embryo, which begins to move along the tube to the uterus. Getting into the uterus after 5-6 days, the embryo attaches to its wall and begins to develop. But if the movement of the embryo is difficult for any reason, it can remain in the fallopian tube and attach itself to its wall. Further growth of the ovum continues as usual, which, in fact, leads to such dire consequences as rupture of the uterine and the need for emergency surgery to save the woman’s life. An ectopic pregnancy that is not detected in time and an untimely appeal to medical help can be fatal.

Why does an ectopic pregnancy occur?

There are many reasons why pregnancy can occur outside the uterus. Here is a list of the most common factors that pose a real threat:

– existing or transferred in the recent past diseases of the genitourinary system;

– various genital infections affecting the fallopian tubes (gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc.);

– inflammatory diseases (adnexitis);

– endometriosis;

– surgery on the internal genital organs;

– treatment aimed at restoring the patency of the fallopian tubes (infertility treatment, IVF procedure);

– the asymptomatic course of genital infections, which has recently been observed quite often.

In addition, if in the past a woman has already encountered a similar pathology, the risk of a recurrence of such a situation increases significantly.

Signs of an ectopic pregnancy at the initial stage

We have come to the most important point – how to detect early signs of an ectopic pregnancy . We will disappoint you a little – there are no obvious signs of the onset of the “wrong” pregnancy. All the symptoms that accompany this pathology can also be observed during the onset of uterine pregnancy. This happens in the first six weeks, when the embryo in the uterine cavity is not yet visible on the ultrasound machine. The most accurate diagnosis can only be made by a specialist and only with the help of a laparoscopy operation. 

But what should women do in this case? What warning signs and early signs of (probable) ectopic pregnancy should you look out for?  

Remember, if there is a sharp drop in blood pressure, if there are severe pains in the lower abdomen and lower back, if weakness rolls over, if you lose consciousness, drop everything, in no case try to drown out the pain with pain pills and immediately call an ambulance!

You also need to worry if you find such early signs of an ectopic pregnancy as unusual spotting during your period. This factor in many cases is interpreted by women as normal menstruation and very often leads to a late diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy.  

Leaner than usual, and at the wrong time menstruation can also be one of the early symptoms of this pathology. Bloody discharge, in which you can see fragments of a torn decidua after an abortion, in some cases are signs of an ectopic pregnancy.

In any case, at the slightest concern, you should consult a doctor. Only clinical studies can confirm or deny the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy. And a timely operation to remove unwanted formations in the fallopian tubes will save you not only health and the ability to have children in the future, but also your life.

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