Ectopic pregnancy can be terminated without surgery!

Elizabeth Kasenkue, who lives in Melbourne, has lost one fallopian tube due to an ectopic pregnancy (the development of an embryo outside the uterus). According to 9 News, with a repeated ectopic pregnancy, there was a threat over her to remain without a second tube.

She was saved from surgery thanks to new therapy. Four months after undergoing treatment, the woman again managed to become pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby. Elizabeth was one of 12 women who entered the test group and tried out the revolutionary method of the Monash Institute for Medical Research.

For the treatment of ectopic pregnancy, doctors suggested using two drugs – methotrexate and gefitinib. The first has long been used for these purposes. However, in combination with gefitinib, the drug improved the results of therapy, while the rate of treatment increased by 34%.

According to Dr. Monica Skoubiz, one of the authors of this clinical study, this treatment saves the patient from having to undergo surgery to remove the fallopian tubes. In addition to Scooby’s, Stefan Tong, Andrew Horn, and Terrence Jones led this study.

Previously, surgery was considered the only treatment for such a pregnancy. But as mentioned above, at the moment, medicinal methods have been developed and are successfully used.

The reaction to drug treatment can be different, but in the early stages of an ectopic pregnancy and with a small embryo, Methotrexate is often prescribed, a drug that prevents the subsequent division of the embryonic cells and leads to its death. There are several different regimens for taking methotrexate, including in combination with other drugs. The gynecologist will select the scheme that is right for you.

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