Fish lovers have smart babies

Any normal woman wants her child to be smart and healthy. Scientists have proven that a mother can take care of her child’s intellectual abilities even during the period of his gestation. To do this, she must constantly consume fatty fish.

To prove their hypothesis, the scientists analyzed the condition of a group of pregnant women. Some of them ate fatty fish, the other did not. Children born to mothers of the first group had more developed intellect and motor skills. They began to speak and form words earlier, they adapted much better in a team. According to experts, the developed mental abilities of children are a consequence of the regular use of omega-3 fatty acids, which such fish are rich in.

These substances ensure the correct formation of the cellular structures of the baby’s brain. In addition, they have a serious impact on the correct formation of the reproductive organs in children. This is especially true for boys. That is why scientists advise pregnant women to eat fish throughout their pregnancy, since the development of the baby is continuous.

But what about women who are allergic to fish and seafood? Scientists advise adding flaxseed oil to the diet, which is also extremely rich in omega-3 acids. Thus, the child will develop normally without eating fish. At the same time, experts advise taking it raw, considering that it is the most beneficial for health.

Doctors advise pregnant women to consult with nutritionists about diet planning. They will take into account all the tastes of the patient, while choosing a combination of products that will allow the child to receive the maximum amount of nutrients and nutrients, and pregnancy will not affect the mother’s health in any way.

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