Gymnastics for pregnant women

To make childbirth easy and quick, a special gymnastics for pregnant women has been developed . It helps to keep your muscles toned and breathe properly.  

Why does a pregnant woman need gymnastics

In addition to the benefits for the expectant mother, gymnastics is also useful for the baby in the tummy. American scientists have found that if mommy devotes time to moderate physical activity, it helps the development of the nervous and cardiovascular system of the fetus. The blood supply to all organs of the mother improves, and since she also has a common blood flow with the fetus, his tissues and organs receive more oxygen. This is important for the development and elimination of hypoxia.

Any feasible classes will help:

· Avoid complications during childbirth, and quickly return to its previous form;

· To provide excellent health and vitality;

· Exclude the possibility of gaining excess weight.

The exercises themselves are designed taking into account the position and characteristics of the organism of expectant mothers. They are aimed at strengthening and stretching muscles, strengthening the spinal column, the ability to breathe correctly, the ability to relax at the right time.

When to start classes

These exercises begin after the doctor has established a normal pregnancy. This is possible at a later date, but no later than 32 weeks. For the effect, exercises should be performed every other day, or, if you feel good, daily. Their duration is no more than 45 minutes.

Before starting gymnastics for pregnant women, you need to obtain permits and recommendations from a gynecologist. The best option is classes in special groups created at antenatal clinics. So the methodologist monitors the state of health, and the exercises are selected strictly according to the duration of pregnancy. But, if you wish, you can do gymnastics at home.

Useful tips for home gymnastics

In order not to harm yourself and your unborn baby, follow the tips below. Be attentive to your health, listen to your body, and what signals your little one is giving.

· Classes can only be carried out when you feel well. You should not do gymnastics if you feel tired.

· The exercise room should be spacious and free of movement.

· When exercising, strictly follow the instructions – gymnastics for pregnant women does not tolerate amateur performance. Do not increase the amount of exercise at will. Movements should be smooth, unhurried, but with sufficient amplitude. Avoid jerking, use the utmost care.  

Choose clothing for classes that is comfortable, not restricting movement, but not too loose, so as not to get tangled in it. On your feet, be sure to wear shoes that do not slip on the floor. Only natural fabrics are preferred for the body to breathe.

· The study room should be ventilated, but free of drafts.

· You can start exercising no earlier than two hours after a meal, or one hour before a meal.

· Try not to distract from the exercise. It is very good to practice with calm music, which you especially like.

Classes are strictly prohibited

Under no circumstances should you start exercising if:

· Increased blood pressure;

• there is an exacerbation of chronic diseases;

· Early or late toxicosis , or other deviations of the course of pregnancy are sharply manifested ; 

· Diagnosed with polyhydramnios;

· Severe fatigue, poor health;

• simple unwillingness to do gymnastics;

· There is a violation of coordination of movements.


The likelihood of normal childbirth and the birth of a healthy baby is higher for those mothers who were preparing for this event, and gymnastics for pregnant women will undoubtedly help them. Good luck. 

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