Is it possible to do yoga during pregnancy

Yoga is a well-known ancient set of exercises designed to balance the mental and physical balance of a person. Few today are serious about yoga and find time to practice. Yoga is not just a set of physical exercises, it is a whole teaching about inner balance. The emotional and physical state of the expectant mother should be at the highest level, and it is yoga that can provide such a balance. Therefore, the question of whether it is possible to practice yoga during pregnancy can be called rhetorical. Rather, it is necessary, especially if a woman has previously done this type of training. However, not all types of yoga, not all asanas and breathing methods are acceptable for a pregnant woman. Between the importance and danger of yoga, it is possible and necessary to find a middle ground.
Research by specialists allows us to identify a number of poses with which one should be careful during pregnancy.

Bikram yoga Bikram yoga

should be categorically avoided, in other words hot yoga from the first day of pregnancy. This type of yoga is called hot because of performing asanas in a hot, heated room. Overheating will not be beneficial for the expectant mother: it increases blood flow, fever, dizziness, dehydration, which may not be beneficial for the baby.

Lying Poses Lying

on your back and on your stomach should also be avoided throughout pregnancy, especially from the second half of the term.

Twisting Poses

If you resort to twisting postures, then preference should be given to twists from the shoulder, rather than at the waist. Twisting in the abdomen can touch the fetus and press on it.

Rolling over and jumping

Exercises that involve holding or increasing breathing are harmful to a pregnant woman; also inverted positions can be harmful due to the pressure on the fetus. Any, even the most insignificant, jumps can lead to a change in the position of the egg.
Some postures associated with standing on the bridge, on the head, on the arms, as well as backbends should be avoided.
The hormone relaxin, produced in the body of a pregnant woman, helps to soften the ligaments and bones, allowing them to be flexible and adapt to the developing fetus. Therefore, stretching exercises are not recommended for the mother-to-be. Uncomfortable sensations in any of the poses should serve as a signal to stop performing the asana. Stop the exercise if you feel pressure on the abdomen and breathing discomfort.

Yoga for Pregnant

Women Fortunately, yoga lovers have the opportunity not to interrupt their classes during pregnancy. It is designed with the safety of the unborn child in mind and eliminates all unwanted postures.
Going deeper into the list of all undesirable yoga poses for pregnant women will not clarify, but only aggravate the understanding of what is acceptable for safe practice. In addition to self-study, seek advice from a yoga instructor. Sign up for yoga for pregnant women: there you are guaranteed safety. In addition, the instructor needs to know what stage of pregnancy you are in. In addition, the instructor does not know all the intricacies of your pregnancy. Be attentive to your body, listen to yourself and your future baby.
Pregnancy is not a reason to stop yoga and lead a fulfilling life. Just be responsible for your baby’s health.

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