Is ultrasound harmful during pregnancy

The first wave of joy, excitement and tenderness that covers any woman who finds out about her pregnancy is later replaced by growing anxiety and anxiety. The expectant mother is worried about the well-being of her baby, who has not yet been born, whether everything is going well in his intrauterine development. The list of reasons for concern of a pregnant woman is probably endless.

One of the most important procedures showing the features of intrauterine development of the fetus during a woman’s pregnancy is an ultrasound examination – simply an ultrasound. Throughout the time, the dispute about whether ultrasound is harmful during pregnancy, or whether it causes absolutely no harm to the child, has not been resolved.

In general, the harmfulness of ultrasound during pregnancy as such can be questioned, since ultrasound itself does not cause any harm. But there are a lot of positive aspects of this research method. One image on the monitor of the ultrasound equipment is enough to allow the expectant mother to calm down and make sure that you are all right with her baby. And when a pregnant woman listens to the heartbeat of her baby, her feelings cannot be expressed in words.

The possibilities of ultrasound were discovered not much later than the discovery of X-ray, but in medicine for diagnostic purposes it began to be used relatively recently. The principle of operation of the device is based on the reflection of incoming ultrasound from the tissues. Reflection allows you to build an image on the monitor. A special sensor is installed on the abdomen of a pregnant woman, which allows you to read the indicators of the development of the baby.

In other words, ultrasound during pregnancy is an indispensable procedure. Ultrasound is of particular importance in relation to the prevention and detection of many problems – tubal pregnancy, threats, fetal developmental disorders, and so on.

Benefits of ultrasound during pregnancy:

– an ultrasound by a specialist makes it possible to confirm pregnancy even in the early stages;

– after the seventh week of pregnancy, ultrasound shows the expectant mother the number of fetuses she is carrying, which is very important for managing multiple pregnancy;

– ultrasound allows you to accurately determine the duration of pregnancy;

– Ultrasound during pregnancy allows you to determine even in the early stages of tubal pregnancy;

– among other things, with the help of ultrasound, various deviations in the development of the fetus and its disease can be detected in a timely manner. Further, the doctor and the woman jointly decide on the interruption or abandonment of the fetus;

– in some cases, ultrasound during pregnancy in the truest sense of the word works a miracle. For example, sometimes a woman becomes pregnant unplanned, that is, there is an unwanted pregnancy that can end in an abortion. But it often happens that as soon as a pregnant woman sees a tiny image of her baby on the monitor and hears his heart beating, she abandons her original decision and leaves the child. An unwanted pregnancy becomes desirable.

It is because of these advantages and opportunities that ultrasound should be performed during pregnancy. Many pregnant women believe that ultrasound can harm the baby and refuse to undergo the procedure, forcing doctors to act blindly. Meanwhile, the expectant mother should remember that even a doctor of the highest category is not always able to determine all the features of the intrauterine development of a baby without the help of ultrasound monitoring.

Of course, ultrasound should not be abused during pregnancy, as it is believed that during the procedure, ultrasound creates a high level of noise for the baby, as a result of which he may begin to worry during ultrasound.

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