Mistakes during pregnancy

It often happens that the life of a young woman is divided into “up to two stripes” and “after two stripes”. Any pregnant woman seeks to carefully monitor her health, protect herself from everything and everything that causes errors during pregnancy.

Mistakes during pregnancy – eat for two

Of course, a pregnant woman should eat well, but this does not mean that you should eat twice as much during pregnancy. A child, of course, has certain needs, but he does not need as many calories as an adult. Therefore, stuffing a pregnant woman with excess amounts of food will not lead to anything good.

In addition to the amount of food, you should pay attention to its origin. So, many pregnant women believe that during such an important period it is necessary to eat as many calcium-rich foods as possible. However, this opinion is erroneous, since an excess of calcium is also harmful. With an excessive amount of calcium in the body of a pregnant woman, the load on the kidneys increases, which are already forced to work in an enhanced mode. Therefore, it is necessary to choose dairy and sour-milk products wisely. It is advisable to exclude cheeses such as feta and fetaki , roquefort and camembert from the diet of a pregnant woman, since dangerous bacteria often multiply in such cheeses. There are no prohibitions among hard cheeses.

Mistakes during pregnancy – constant fears

A huge amount of information on the web about pregnancy – about various pathologies, about the threat of termination of pregnancy and miscarriage, about erroneous test results, about counterfeit drugs – all this can scare an ordinary woman. And a woman carrying a child is simply plunged into panic and depression. The same effect is produced by the collective mind of advisers in women’s forums dedicated to pregnancy. It is important to remember that it is easiest to advise, and the responsibility for following this or that advice lies only with the expectant mother herself.

Mistakes during pregnancy – beware, beware and beware again

Pregnancy is such a period in a woman’s life when she is afraid of everything. Precaution, of course, must be present without fail, but within reason. This does not mean that for the entire duration of pregnancy, the expectant mother should lock herself within four walls, not communicate with anyone, but go outside only to get to the antenatal clinic. Meanwhile, pregnant women often do not realize that it is precisely with such a framework that they themselves arrange additional stresses and experiences for themselves, and completely unreasonable. Precautions and all kinds of restrictions are justified if there is a medical indication for this. In all other cases, a pregnant woman can lead an active lifestyle. By the way, a child is much better if his mother is active, experiences positive emotions, and does not shake about every occasion.

Mistakes during pregnancy – expectation of delight from others

Undoubtedly, pregnancy is a real miracle and the most important event in life. But only in the life of the future mother herself and her closest people. Therefore, you should not expect, and without waiting, be offended and upset that others – starting with friends and employees and ending with sellers in stores, will experience the same delight. Such high demands on the surrounding people, most likely, will not be satisfied, which, of course, will upset the expectant mother to tears.

The lack of delight in an outsider does not yet indicate his heartlessness, he just has his own problems and his own experiences. And often a stranger simply does not assume that a pregnant woman may be uncomfortable at the moment. For this, you should not be offended by others. A very simple principle works here, which will save the nerves of the expectant mother – if you want something, you must ask, without waiting for the person to guess.

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