Pregnancy and ureaplasmosis: dangers and risks

A woman in a position lurks many dangers. Against the background of the restructuring of the hormonal balance and the weakening of protective mechanisms, the body of the expectant mother is actively attacked by viruses, infections, ailments, which previously posed practically no threat. In addition, there are a number of microorganisms that, in the usual state, calmly “live” inside a person, not letting themselves know. In particular, this applies to certain types of bacteria living on the mucous membranes of the genitals and urethra. These bacteria, which is quite natural, pose a serious danger in such a difficult condition as pregnancy. Ureaplasmosis  – a disease caused by the smallest microorganisms ureaplasmas. This is one of those infections that should be examined for at the planning stage of pregnancy.

What is the danger of ureaplasmosis for pregnant women?

Why is this survey so important? Firstly, even a scanty amount of ureaplasmas in a woman’s urogenital system during child bearing can increase several hundred times and become significantly more active. This leads to the development of the disease ureaplasmosis, which entails completely undesirable and even dangerous consequences, including miscarriage, complications of pregnancy or premature birth.

Secondly, if the ailment already exists and its diagnosis is confirmed, it is practically impossible to treat the disease during pregnancy, because to combat ureaplasmosis it is necessary to use a course of the strongest antibiotics of various spectrum of action. Antibiotics, as you know, can negatively affect the processes occurring in the human body, especially if it is a pregnant woman whose immunity is already in a weakened state. In the early stages, antibiotics are generally contraindicated, since they negatively affect the development of the fetus and can even lead to the death of the child, that is, a miscarriage.

Therefore, in order to avoid such a development of events, every woman planning pregnancy and taking care of her health must undergo a mandatory examination and get rid of ureaplasmas even before the planned pregnancy.

It should be specially noted that ureaplasmosis can become a serious obstacle to the conception of a child and the onset of pregnancy in general. This is caused by the fact that ureaplasmas can cause various inflammatory processes in the genitals of a woman and cause the egg to not pass into the uterine cavity. For men, the presence of this infection in the body also carries negative changes in reproductive function, since it leads not only to the development of inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system, but also significantly affects spermogenesis. As was revealed in the course of numerous studies, ureaplasmas can be localized (in some cases) on the surface of spermatozoa, changing their motility, chromosome apparatus and morphology.    

Dangers of ureaplasmosis for the fetus

The combination of conditions ” pregnancy ureaplasmosis ” is dangerous not only for the health of women. Passing through the birth canal of the mother during birth, the child is at great risk of infection with ureaplasmas. Subsequently, microorganisms settle either in the genitals of the newborn, especially in girls, or on the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx, regardless of the gender of the baby.

To reduce the risk of a baby becoming infected with ureaplasmas during childbirth, the expectant mother should undergo a full course of antibiotic treatment. The treatment regimen is selected by the doctor in accordance with the special condition of the woman, and the treatment itself can be started no earlier than after 22 weeks. In addition to antibiotic drugs in the treatment of ureaplasmosis during pregnancy, agents are prescribed that strengthen the woman’s immunity. They are prescribed to avoid the development of infections associated with the disease.

Conclusion: if you plan to soon become happy parents of a healthy baby, both spouses need to be examined and treated for ureaplasmosis, always and urgently.

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