Pregnancy – personal care

Self-care for pregnant women is extremely important and differs from regular personal care. Self-care during pregnancy is a special rule for personal hygiene, nutrition and even intimate life.

First of all, all pregnant women are prohibited from lifting weights, as this can cause the tone of the uterus, which negatively affects the development of pregnancy. Self-care includes a certain rest regime – a night’s sleep during pregnancy should be at least eight hours, during the day, you also need to give yourself at least an hour of rest.

Danger of infections for pregnant women

Extremely carefully pregnant women need to monitor their health in relation to infection. Careful skin care of the body helps to protect the body of a pregnant woman from toxins and toxins released with sweat. Therefore, it is very important to shower regularly.

If a pregnant woman is absolutely healthy and feels great, then she can sunbathe and be in the fresh air for a long time. The only thing to be afraid of is:

  • sunstroke risk;
  • risk of overheating.

In the morning and evening, pregnant women should wash off with warm water and a cleanser, as well as wash their breasts. In order not to suffer from cracks in the nipples in the future when feeding the baby, you need to massage the nipples with a rather coarse towel every day. If there is such a phenomenon as flat nipples, then when massaging the breast, they must be carefully pulled out.

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is better to limit sexual intercourse. Naturally, alcohol and cigarettes are completely banned.

What should be the clothes of a pregnant woman?

Clothes for pregnant women should be extremely comfortable, should not restrict movement and squeeze the stomach. When the abdomen becomes quite large, it is recommended to wear a special support band. Shoes are best worn without heels. If you are used to wearing high heels, it is better to give preference to shoes with low heels in the second half of pregnancy.

Compliance with the rules of hygiene

Hygiene of pregnant women, in addition to all of the above, includes special exercises and training. The purpose of these workouts:

  • improvement of the body of a pregnant woman;
  • preparation for the childbirth process.

The teeth of a pregnant woman are at particular risk. This is due to the fact that a growing child every day begins to suck calcium and other mineral compounds from the mother’s body more and more . Therefore, often in women, it is during pregnancy that teeth begin to deteriorate. In this regard, the teeth must be carefully monitored. And at the very beginning of pregnancy, visit a dentist. 

When should you see a doctor?

If profuse leucorrhoea appears from the vagina, the pregnant woman should immediately visit the gynecologist. Such leucorrhoea can be signs of an intrauterine infection and can lead to infection of the child.

Many women carry a baby during the warmer months. In this regard, many pregnant women ask questions about sunbathing and bathing. If a woman feels great, there is no risk of termination of pregnancy, then swimming and sunbathing are allowed. Pi it is necessary to systematically visit your gynecologist.

In everything, you need to know when to stop – pregnant women are prohibited from being under the scorching sun all day .

Preparing for feeding

Immediately after the birth of the child, the newly-made mother starts feeding him with breast milk, of course, if there is one. Before breastfeeding, even during pregnancy, it is necessary to prepare the breasts and nipples for feeding the baby.

In the middle of pregnancy, it is possible to have sex, but it is imperative to protect yourself in order to avoid introducing infection into the uterine cavity. If during intercourse a pregnant woman has pain, then you should refrain and seek the advice of a doctor. 

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