Why does a miscarriage occur?

The term ” miscarriage ” refers to the involuntary termination of pregnancy. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is quite widespread among women of different ages, social status, at different stages of pregnancy. For many years, scientists have been wondering why spontaneous abortion occurs?

Recently, science has been actively developing and the connection of some factors with miscarriage has already been proven. But still the question remains open to this day. After all, there are times when the cause of such an undesirable phenomenon cannot be established, because a woman is considered healthy according to the results of all the necessary research and, nevertheless, she cannot bear a child.

Common reasons

Among the common reasons due to which a miscarriage occurs , there are: 

1. Impact of the environment. Due to the unfavorable influence of the external environment, gene mutations occur in the sex chromosomes of men and women. For this reason, genetic changes in the fetus occur (in some sources, this factor is considered as a hereditary predisposition of the fetus to death). External factors mean the influence of radioactive substances, chemicals (industrial plants, machine smoke, occupational hazards), viruses (the virus enters the mother’s body and is embedded in the child’s genome, destroying it).

2. Disruptions in the endocrine system. Hormones have a significant effect on a woman’s reproductive function, therefore, with their imbalance, various disorders in the work of the internal genital organs can occur. First of all, this applies to sex hormones (a woman’s lack of estrogens or an excess of androgens), pituitary and hypothalamic hormones (gonadotropic hormones). The main hormone involved in childbirth is progesterone, with a shortage of it, the chances of bearing a child are greatly reduced. In addition, hormones from the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) and the adrenal gland ( hypocorticism ) can also affect the course of pregnancy.

3. Incompatibility of blood groups of mother and child. “Rh-conflict” is considered one of the reasons why a miscarriage occurs , since the mother’s immune system perceives the fetus as a foreign body. Because of this, immunity is activated and “expels” the embryo from the body. 

Reasons “private”

Sexually transmitted diseases of various etiologies also affect pregnancy. Bacterial (syphilis, gonorrhea) and viral (mycoplasmosis, CMV, chlamydia, toxoplasmosis) infection through the mother’s circulatory system gets to the fetus, amniotic membranes and affects them. As a result, spontaneous abortion occurs.

Infectious diseases – rubella, herpes, flu, chickenpox, hepatitis and other infections very often cause miscarriages. If this did not happen and the pregnancy still ended in childbirth, the baby is usually born with severe defects. Therefore, these diseases are vaccinated during pregnancy.

Artificial terminations of pregnancy, which were carried out earlier. Abortions are stressful for the body – their harm and danger are known to every woman. In addition, during a surgical abortion, it is possible to make medical errors, damage to the reproductive organs, as a result of which various pathologies develop in a woman’s body.

Taking antibiotics, cytostatics , oral contraceptives, and some medicinal herbs can lead to abrupt termination of pregnancy or fetal abnormalities.

Bad habits do not directly affect fertility, but are risk factors. Lifting weights, falling, injuries – all this leads to miscarriage, so you need to take care of yourself and your baby.

In order for the pregnancy to proceed normally, it is necessary to prepare your body in advance for bearing and the appearance of a child. To do this, you need to maintain immunity, eat right, avoid hypothermia, contact with infections, promiscuous sexual intercourse. Everyone is strongly advised to give up bad habits and, of course, regularly undergo a preventive examination by a gynecologist.

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