Pregnancy with adenomyosis

First you need to figure out what is uterine adenomyosis. The mucous membrane of the uterus, called the endometrium, should be located only inside its cavity and nowhere else. With adenomyosis, particles of the uterine mucosa seem to grow into the muscle layer. Endometrial cells usually increase in the second half of the menstrual cycle in anticipation of the expected pregnancy, but if it does not occur, they are rejected and come out with blood during menstruation. With adenomyosis, this does not occur, which leads to local hemorrhage and the onset of the inflammatory process.

Adenomyosis is primarily affected by women aged 35-40 years and women who have had an abortion, miscarriage or surgical intervention in the uterus. Also, these are women who engage in heavy physical work or are subject to constant stress.

Manifestations of anomalies

As a rule, at the initial stages of the development of the disease, there are no irregularities in the menstrual cycle, no changes in the general state of health and no signs of a problem. The main symptoms of adenomyosis appear even when the disease progresses. These are menstrual irregularities accompanied by pain, heavy menstruation (often cause a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood), dark brown discharge that appears before and after menstruation, pain during sexual intercourse, changes in the size and shape of the uterus (this is determined by the doctor).

Is pregnancy possible with adenomyosis? It is difficult to give a concrete answer to this question: everything is too individual. For some women, adenomyosis becomes a serious obstacle to pregnancy. And for others, it all ends favorably with proper hormonal or surgical treatment.  

In some cases, infertility is inevitable, since even prolonged treatment of adenomyosis does not give positive results. But do not be upset ahead of time! Many women had a normal pregnancy, and subsequently they gave birth to perfectly healthy children. Moreover, treatment is carried out only if there are obvious problems with conceiving or bearing the fetus. If everything is normal, then treatment for adenomyosis is not required.

Features of pregnancy with adenomyosis

Experts say that pregnancy with adenomyosis will not take place only when it is accompanied by other pathological processes. And with the intervention of surgeons, pregnancy can even occur in 40-60%. If the operation is not required, then the woman is simply prescribed hormonal drugs.  

If uterine pathology is detected only after pregnancy, in the process of a standard gynecological examination, the patient will need to be under the supervision of doctors in order to take the necessary measures if necessary. Such a practice is urgently needed because there is a real threat of miscarriage. The most stressful time in this case during pregnancy is the first trimester. If he was successful in the case of adenomyosis, then your child will no longer be in danger.

But, since the period of bearing a child is a physiological menopause, it reduces the rate of growth of dangerous foci of the disease. Therefore, pregnancy with adenomyosis can even have a beneficial effect on the disease, and in some cases adenomyosis can disappear completely.  

If a woman is only planning a pregnancy, then it will not be superfluous to undergo a preliminary examination. If the doctor during the examination finds adenomyosis, then conception should be postponed. It is necessary to undergo a course of treatment, wait another six months, and only then strive to conceive a child.

The main methods of treatment, as mentioned above, are hormone therapy and surgery. It should be noted that adenomyosis cannot be completely cured. However, he regresses himself after the onset of menopause in a woman. Do not forget about regular preventive examinations by a gynecologist. After all, it is in this case that it will be possible to identify pathology even in the early stages of its development. And an experienced specialist will help to conduct your pregnancy or choose the right treatment tactics.

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