Withdrawal of intercourse

The method of interrupted intercourse is one of the methods of preventing conception. This method is based on the fact that the man completely removes the penis from the vagina until the moment he has ejaculation. According to doctors, the effectiveness of interrupted intercourse is 70 to 80%. There is a statement that this method gradually leads to the development of neuroses and sexual dysfunctions in men, and also causes pain in the pelvic region in women, but there is no scientific evidence for this statement. 

Benefits of interrupted intercourse

According to statistics, many young couples with long-term relationships use the method of interrupted intercourse. And all because it has a number of its advantages: firstly, this method of protection can be applied anywhere and anytime, and secondly, it does not require any monetary costs. And there is no need to carry a condom or spermicidal lubricant with you all the time. The process of intercourse occurs naturally and the feelings of the couple during the process itself do not decrease, unlike, for example, those couples who use condoms.

Disadvantages of interrupted intercourse

Doctors do not recommend this method to couples who are categorically not going to have children in the near future due to its unreliability. Even if the man completely and carefully controls the entire process of sexual intercourse. And the whole point is this: during the very process of sexual intercourse, any man secretes a small amount of the so-called “male lubricant”, which contains a small amount of spermatozoa that are quite capable of fertilizing a female egg. The process of conception usually goes unnoticed in this case until the first delay in menstruation.

In addition, the likelihood of becoming pregnant increases many times with the repeated introduction of the penis into the vagina, if the previous intercourse took place less than 24 hours ago, since active spermatozoa are still preserved in the man’s urethra.

It is also worth noting that men do not get complete pleasure during interrupted intercourse.

And this method is also not suitable for a person with casual sexual intercourse, since it does not protect against infection with sexually transmitted diseases.

The method of interrupted intercourse can be used by couples who have long-term relationships and are not afraid of “accidental” pregnancy. It is also suitable for people whose religious beliefs do not allow protection in other ways.

Who shouldn’t use the coitus intercourse method

The coitus intercourse method should not be used:

  • men suffering from premature ejaculation; 
  • men who have difficulties with self-control;
  • men with any physical or psychological impairment that may affect the timely withdrawal of the penis from the vagina;
  • people who have multiple sex with different partners;
  • women for whom pregnancy poses a significant health risk.

It is important for a person who has chosen the method of interrupted intercourse to remember that this method does not give any guarantee against the onset of pregnancy and infection with sexually transmitted diseases!

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