Women’s fear of pregnancy

Perhaps the most important decision in the life of a young woman is the decision to have a child. To accept it, she usually goes through a long stage of psychological preparation and struggle with her own fear of pregnancy. In the modern world, more and more women perceive motherhood as a heavy duty and do not seek to quickly acquire offspring. However, the causes of fear in almost all women are the same.

Fear of spoiling the figure

For many women, the fear of forever losing their ideal forms, sometimes acquired with great difficulty, is one of the main reasons for not wanting to have children.

In the body of any expectant mother, numerous physiological changes occur during the gestation of the fetus, which prepare her for the moment of birth and subsequent feeding of the child.

However, this process is quite natural and the changes that have not always occurred to the body remain for a long time. This largely depends on the individual physical characteristics of the woman.

Pregnancy only decorates someone, causing a surge of internal strength and energy. Others never regain their previous weight. In this case, a woman has a choice of what to do after childbirth:

  • start visiting fitness rooms;
  • follow all kinds of diets;
  • take care of providing healthy feeding and care for the child.

If you look, for example, at the stars of show business, you can see that many of them can successfully combine both, successfully suppressing the fear of pregnancy.

aesthetic fears

Another possible negative consequence of pregnancy is the appearance of health and beauty problems, including cellulite, stretch marks and saggy breasts. Fortunately, modern cosmetology is developing at a very good pace and can offer a huge number of tools with which women can control the changes that occur in their body, for example, restore and rejuvenate the skin.

To relieve women of the fear of pregnancy will help:

  • anti-cellulite creams and massages;
  • anti-stretch marks;
  • corrective underwear.

In shops, beauty salons and magazines you can find a huge variety of tools that will help in solving almost any problem.

Lack of time

The modern world does not allow you to relax even for a minute. The pace of life set by big cities requires a person to have inexhaustible vital energy, activity and tone. Therefore, pregnancy is perceived by modern women approximately as a disease that knocks them out of their usual rhythm of life and makes them retire.

Of course, if a woman’s career is really impressive and is for her the main thing in life, then such a fear of pregnancy is inevitable. However, why not look at it as another long-term project, to which you need to put some of your creative and physical strength. In the end, the work will end sooner or later, and the children and family will remain for life.

Fear of possible health complications

Many women are afraid that during pregnancy there may be any problems with their health. First of all, it can be complications of existing chronic diseases. However, doctors say that this rarely happens. Even more than that, often chronic diseases completely disappear after childbirth.

Of course, there are some diseases in which possible complications can lead to sad consequences. In particular, it happens that women do not want to become pregnant because they are afraid for the life of the fetus or the occurrence of premature termination of pregnancy. But modern medicine makes it possible to facilitate pregnancy even for patients with the most unpleasant pathologies.

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