Anomalies of the genitals in women

Genital anomaly in women, this is a congenital abnormal anatomical structure of the genitals, manifested in a deviation in shape, proportion, size, symmetry, location, or in their complete absence, which is not typical of a woman in the postnatal period. Such physiological disorders are accompanied by a disorder of their basic functions. There are abnormalities of both internal and external genitalia in women. Internal organs include the fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus, and vagina, while external organs include the vestibule of the vagina, clitoris, and labia minora.

Types of anomalies

Anomalies primarily include agenesis, hypoplasia, hypertrophy of the clitoris, ectopia, hymen atresia, hymen overgrowth; aplasia of the labia and hymen. Here is how some anomalies of the female genital organs are characterized:

  • Aplasia and atresia of the uterus and vagina. Atresia is the complete absence of an organ, when as aplasia is the absence of part of the organ or its underdevelopment. Vaginal aplasia is quite rare. With this anomaly, an operation is performed to form it, but the woman remains infertile in any case.
  • Double organs. In women, this is a double uterus, a double vagina. This procedure occurs genital anomaly in a woman with insufficient fusion or complete non-fusion of the Muller ducts. This pathology requires a mandatory operation, after which there may be chances for a normal pregnancy.
  • Gaps and cracks. Ruptures and cracks are formed due to the abnormal location of the external opening of the urethra. If the sphincter of the bladder is functioning, then surgery is not necessary. If it is carried out due to the reasons, then this operation eliminates concomitant anomalies, for example, the opening of the rectum on the eve of the vagina.
  • Hermaphroditism. This is an innate problem. genital anomaly, in which both male and female genitalia are present in women, or the female genitalia are very similar in appearance to the male genitalia. Pregnancy in such cases is impossible.

Symptoms of female genital abnormalities

In addition to external signs of external anomalies of the genitals, with internal ones, a woman may experience the following symptoms::

  • menstrual disorders;
  • lower abdominal pain;
  • infertility;
  • headaches, nausea;
  • with hymen atresia, bursting pains in the lower abdomen can occur during menstruation.

Causes of anomalies

Usually genital abnormalities in women, this is a congenital defect that has developed in the fetus due to many factors. Currently, there are three groups of causes that lead to the intrauterine development of genital abnormalities in a child: hereditary, exogenous and multifactorial factors.

In extremely rare cases, an anomaly can develop due to various diseases suffered in childhood or in adulthood.

Treatment of female genital abnormalities

Anomalies of external organs are usually detected at the first examination of a newborn, and internal ones are not always possible to determine in an infant, and they are usually found out at an older age: at the first examination of a gynecologist, during the first sexual contact or during childbirth.

When an anomaly is detected, the patient needs to be hospitalized for the necessary surgery to correct the defect. The success of this operation and its final outcome depend on the complexity of the anomaly.

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