Are anal fringes dangerous?

Perianal fringes are not a disease per se. They are small growths around the anus, in fact, folds of skin. Their size can vary from 50 mm to a centimeter. The formation of these growths can be caused by childbirth or pregnancy, as well as any hemorrhoid diseases (usually in the absence of treatment after their self-absorption). Anal fringes in fact, they resemble anal papillae (small congenital growths in the anus). They are usually harmless to humans and do not cause any unpleasant sensations, no pain, no itching.

Discomfort caused by perianal fringes

Occasionally, a disease or infection can cause inflammation anal fringes accordingly, they begin to itch and may bleed, making it difficult to defecate. However, they usually cause problems of an exclusively aesthetic nature. It can be awkward for a person to be naked in front of his sexual partner during sexual contact, he begins to feel shy and worry, which can seriously affect his personal life. Although this problem is not directly related to physical health, it can cause some psychological problems. And mental health is just as important for maintaining a full life as physical health., in addition, it is much more difficult to restore it.

Removal of perianal fringes

During the period of exacerbation of the disease, fringes can “get wet”, cause irritation, cause painful sensations, become inflamed and itchy. If such problems occur, there is no need to suffer any inconvenience. Fortunately, the possibilities of modern aesthetic surgery make it easy to cope with such a problem as anal fringes. What methods can modern surgery offer to eliminate this unpleasant problem?

— Surgical intervention. One of the oldest and most proven methods is surgical removal (or excision) of skin folds. Surgical intervention is performed under local anesthesia, after removal anal fringes an inconspicuous seam is applied to the incision site. However, with the rapid development of modern medical technology, this classic method of treatment is somewhat outdated.

— Cryodestruction method. To get rid of perianal fringes without seams and pain, the method of treating them with liquid nitrogen will help. Acting on excess pieces of fabric, it destroys them. The disadvantage of this method is the fact that complete healing of the treatment site occurs on average in 10 days. In addition, after the procedure, scars may remain on the skin.

— Laser removal method. Laser removal of anal fringes is quite effective and modern. However, after it, scars can also appear on the body, although the laser method reduces their number to a minimum.

— Radio wave method. The most modern, effective method of removing anal fringes is the method of radio wave intervention. It consists in the fact that the desired area of the skin is pinpointed by high-frequency radio wave radiation. They cause active heat release, destroying unnecessary areas. The advantages of this method are its painlessness, the absence of a negative effect on the surrounding fringes of the fabric, as well as the speed of the procedure (from a few minutes to an hour). After using the radio wave method, the patient does not need to if the patient is hospitalized, he can return to his usual life the very next day.

The choice of removal method depends solely on the person’s desire, but before performing the operation, it is necessary to consult with your doctor. If the anal fringes do not cause any problems, you can not touch them at all.

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