By Uren and pregnancy

 Smoking is known to everyone as a very bad habit, causing serious violations in the functions of the whole body. This issue is especially acute in connection with pregnancy. During smoking, a woman has a risk of miscarriage, insufficient fetal growth and a risk of premature birth.

In this case, more than one organism suffers and it’s a shame that the second is left no choice. In a pregnant woman, blood vessels narrow sharply, automatically the same thing happens in the fetus. This leads to a deficit in the supply of oxygen and all the substances vital for the formation of the child. Even more dangerous is that through the general circulatory system all harmful substances contained in tobacco enter the fetus.

As researchers at Stanford University found out, the intake of nicotine to the fetus can cause abnormalities not only in the development of the cardiovascular system, but also in the endocrine, nervous systems and leave an imprint on the behavior of the child. More than twelve thousand embryo cells were treated with nicotine.

As a result, their survival decreased, the cell cycle changed, there were disturbances in the communication connections between cells, the risk of fetal brain disorders and the likelihood of mental pathologies increased. In addition, the weight of the fetus is reduced.

What other defects in the development of the fetus can occur in a pregnant woman smoking?

  • The lungs suffer, which may not fully develop and a child’s predisposition to respiratory diseases and asthma occurs;
  • The brain suffers, and problems can extend not only to the level of intelligence, but also to problems in behavior;
  • The risk of heart disease increases;
  • Immunity sharply decreases, the risk of oncology increases;
  • Genitourinary and reproductive function suffers, especially in boys;
  • The percentage of congenital malformations is increasing.

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