Cheating spouses cannot conceive a child

A group of scientists from the University of Pennsylvania concluded that partners who cheat on each other, as a rule, are faced with the fact that they cannot conceive a child.

According to experts, problems appear in those couples who are not customary to keep marital fidelity. Instability in relationships, scientists believe, is one of the main reasons for problems with conceiving a child.

To prove this, scientists conducted a study, the results of which showed that having constant sexual contact with one partner increases a woman’s chances of getting pregnant by about 25%.

As experts explain, this is due to the fact that the hormonal system of the weaker sex is tuned to the conception of a baby from one partner. Therefore, if the partner is always constant, then the chances of becoming a mother increase significantly.

As part of the study, scientists studied how quickly a woman became pregnant in faithful couples, as well as in those where cheating happened regularly. At the same time, both those and other couples equally wanted to conceive a child. The information obtained in the framework of the study showed that pregnancy occurs faster in those women, in families where partners do not cheat on each other.

In addition, according to experts, in families where partners are faithful to each other, children are born healthier and smarter. Therefore, experts recommend that you be attentive to your sexual life and think carefully before becoming family men and parents.

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