How to plan the gender of the child

How to plan the gender of the child? – a question that interests any future parent. Someone wants a boy, someone a girl, so many try to plan the sex of the child with everything in conceivable and inconceivable ways. Of course, the methods of planning the sex of a child are completely scientific approaches to this problem. Moreover, the health organization forbids doctors to help parents in planning the sex of the child, as this is seen as interfering with the will of nature. Nevertheless, among the people such methods are considered quite reliable.

How to plan the gender of the child using the ancient Chinese number table

This numerical table helps to more or less accurately establish the gender of the offspring. To do this, the table first notes the age of the mother at the time of conception, which is then compared with the numerical designation of the month of conception of the child. When these numbers are added together, you get either an even or an odd number, which indicates the birth of a boy or a girl, respectively. By the way, for verification, you can calculate the birth of your relatives and friends using this table.

How to plan the sex of a child using folk signs

The expectant mother should take the door key from the table. If a woman takes the key by the head, then a boy will be born to her, and if by the long base, then a girl will be born. By the way, if a woman takes the key in the middle, then a multiple pregnancy is not excluded.

If, while eating, a woman carrying a child suddenly chokes, then she should give the number. After that, it is necessary to correlate the numbers in the given number with the letters and ask the woman to name the name starting with this letter. If the name is female, a girl will be born, if male, respectively, a boy.

If the parents already have one common child, you should remember who he called the first dad or mom, and wait, respectively, for a boy or a girl.

You should compare the number of the year of the planned conception and the woman’s age at the time of conception. If both numbers are even, then parents should expect a girl, if odd, then wait for a son.

Folk signs say that if a woman wants to give birth to a daughter, then before conception, while not yet pregnant, she needs to eat a lot of sweets. If she wants a son, then she must eat a lot of salt.

If there is a desire to give birth to a girl, then a pregnant woman needs to put a wooden spoon and a pink ribbon tied into a bow under her pillow.

There is a sign that the sex of the child will be opposite to the sex of the partner, who was very active in the process of conception.

If during pregnancy a woman has severe swelling of the legs, then a boy will be born. If edema is not observed, then the daughter.

If during the period of bearing a child, a pregnant woman behaves nervously – this is the birth of a daughter, if the pregnant woman, on the contrary, is calm – this is a son.

If during the period of bearing a child, the hands of a pregnant woman dry and peel off, then a boy will be born, if the hands become soft and tender, then a girl.

According to signs, women who are pregnant with a male child eat much more than those who carry girls under their hearts.

If a woman is carrying a girl, then toxicosis during pregnancy is more difficult.

If the skin on the face of a pregnant woman during the period of bearing a child has deteriorated, then most likely she will have a daughter.

If during the bearing of a child a woman experiences problems with concentration, becomes clumsy, often stumbles and drops or loses something, then most likely she is expecting a son. If a pregnant woman becomes graceful and attentive, then you should wait for the birth of a daughter.

How to prepare for pregnancy?

Today, many women are concerned about the question: what do you need to know in order to successfully prepare for pregnancy, and how to properly take care of your reproductive health?

These and other questions are answered by an obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category, chief physician Galina Borisovna Selivanova.

Hello, Galina Borisovna! Please explain why recently experts have taken the issue of preparing for pregnancy so seriously? In the old days, motherhood did not cause such anxiety.

It’s true, but in recent years, the rhythm of modern life captures women so much that they do not have enough time to take care of their health. The end result is devastating consequences. For example, in the last ten years alone, the number of oncological diseases has increased – both of the mammary glands and of the cervix. Infertility is also common : every tenth couple cannot conceive a child. In addition, people themselves, due to poor ecology or heredity, are no longer as healthy as in former times.

Moreover, no one is surprised that women give birth at an ever later age …

Indeed, the first birth at 35 or even 40 years old is not surprising, but it causes a lot of difficulties for both the woman herself and the doctors. After all, at this time the body begins to age, genetic and hormonal disorders appear that affect the maturation of the egg. Pregnancy management, if it does occur, is difficult. But it’s better to know about all such complexities in advance, isn’t it?

What else can cause pregnancy problems ?

– Recently, big problems with pregnancy arise due to sexually transmitted infections. Obstruction of the fallopian tubes, chronic inflammation, adhesions – these are the consequences of such infections, which, by the way, do not manifest themselves in any way: the woman has neither pain nor fever. Therefore, infection can be detected only with the help of preventive tests.

Galina Borisovna, tell us how the examination is carried out when planning a pregnancy.

First of all, regardless of whether a woman plans to become a mother, you need to visit a gynecologist once a year. At the same time, in addition to a simple examination, you need to do colposcopy . The video colposcope allows you to get an enlarged image of the cervix on the monitor and assess its condition. This is a modern way of assessing a woman’s health, as well as cancer prevention.

Of course, you should also be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Particular attention should be paid to screening for TORCH infections. This is a way to identify cytomegalovirus, rubella, toxoplasmosis, herpes, which during pregnancy can greatly harm both mother and baby. Preventive measures are very important: for example, women are strongly advised to get vaccinated against rubella.

is a hormonal status check?

Very important. For example, to take tests for sex hormones. So, the most common problem in women is hyperandrogenism , or an excess of male hormones in the body. In this case, even if conception has occurred, the woman is threatened with a miscarriage. Therefore, it is necessary to correct the hormonal imbalance in time.

Be sure to get tested for thyroid hormones, which affect the characteristics of the menstrual cycle. If this problem is not corrected, it will negatively affect the health of the baby.

– Galina Borisovna, what else can you advise expectant mothers?

“The best thing is to check the whole body. Remember that the course of pregnancy and the birth process is affected by problems with the heart or vision. And if a woman usually already knows about such violations, then one can not guess about violations in the musculoskeletal system until the examination is carried out. But the state of the skeletal system is very important both during gestation and during childbirth.

Of course, assisted reproductive technologies, timely treatment and even conventional physiotherapy can solve various problems with pregnancy. But this requires knowing everything about the state of women’s health – and this information can only be provided by a complete examination.

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