Pseudo-erosion of the cervix and your pregnancy

Women diagnosed with pseudo-erosion of the cervix are often worried about whether they should undergo treatment before pregnancy or whether it is better to wait. Women who have not yet given birth are especially worried. However, there is no cause for concern. First of all, pseudo-erosion (or ectopia) is not uncommon these days and, with the right approach, does not pose a danger to a woman’s health.

Manifestations of pseudo-erosion

The main signs of pseudo-erosion are the cylindrical epithelium, which in its normal state lines the cervical canal, as it were, turns out onto the vaginal part of the cervix. The woman does not experience any discomfort. Pseudo-erosion can be detected only at the next examination by a gynecologist. By the way, this is also why it is very important to visit a gynecologist regularly: after all, despite the fact that pseudo-erosion does not cause any anxiety or discomfort, over time the cells can dangerously change, which will lead to cervical cancer.    

Before starting treatment

So all the same – do you need treatment for pseudo-erosion or not? To answer this question, you first need to find out the reason why pseudo-erosion appeared.

Viruses and infectious diseases are often the cause of pseudo-erosion . That is why it is necessary to take tests for sexually transmitted infections, tests for the human papillomavirus (HPV), sowing on flora, to determine the individual sensitivity to antibiotics. It is also important to conduct a colposcopy – examination of the cervix under a microscope. The complex of these measures will answer the question of whether it is necessary to start treatment. 

No less often, hormonal imbalance can be the cause of pseudo-erosion of the cervix . To determine it, an additional study of thyroid hormones, sex hormones is carried out. 

Modern methods of therapy

Treatment of pseudo-erosion of the cervix in nulliparous women is complex and includes two main stages. First, you need to eliminate the infection, and then remove the pathologically altered areas of the cervix. This can be a method of chemical treatment, laser coagulation, or radio wave therapy . In some cases, surgical treatment is required.  

Do not worry that after treatment there will be inelastic scar tissue that will prevent the cervix from opening during childbirth. Radio wave therapy is a modern painless method that does not leave any scars. That is why it is indicated for women who have not yet given birth : it is quite possible to carry it out before pregnancy. 

One way or another, after the radio wave therapy procedure, it will take some time to recover. During this time, it is recommended to avoid sexual contact. For a month after radio wave therapy, you must not take hot baths or go to the bathhouse (sauna, swimming pool), or play sports. It is necessary to exclude overheating and any physical activity. 

According to the doctor’s recommendation, in the future it will be necessary to pass tests again and examine the cervix using a colposcope. If the treatment went well and everything is in order, you can safely plan a pregnancy.  

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