Colds and pregnancy

     Ideally , the expectant mother is generally better off not getting sick. But that’s in     ideal, but in real life, pregnancy is often accompanied by a cold. Since it is not possible to completely isolate mommy during this period. She needs to go to the clinic, see a gynecologist, visit shops and pharmacies. This means that in the ordinary rhythm of life it is difficult for her to avoid any contacts. This leads to the fact that the risk of infection is exactly the same as that of any other average citizen. Moreover, a pregnant woman can get sick more often, since it is during this period that the body is most weakened, since it has to work, which is called for two, and the changes taking place inside a woman often lead to the fact that the weakened body easily picks up a cold.

     The treatment of colds during pregnancy should be approached in two ways. The treatment should not harm either the mother or her unborn child. It is impossible not to be treated at all, because on the one hand, it is difficult for a woman, who is not easy in her usual position, and with a cold it is even more difficult. And secondly, the child at this time does not receive the oxygen he needs so much. This problem can be removed by nebulizers, which allow the woman to breathe fully and the baby as well. Moreover, according to the degree of impact, they are absolutely harmless.  

     Accept the majority of medicinal preparations in this interesting situation mom impossible. It is also not recommended to take alcohol-based drugs for treatment . Moreover, many medicines are also taboo. So, for example, you should not take drugs such as licorice and echinacea, lemongrass and leuzea , ginseng and rosea radiola. Because they have a stimulating effect on the heart of the child. But everyone can take the well-known horseradish and even need to.            

     It is advisable to avoid colds during pregnancy for women who suffer from bronchial asthma. After all, her disease often requires constant treatment associated with her symptoms. Naturally, the first step is to minimize the number of attacks. Devices called peak flow meters will allow her to do this . This device will detect the peak of the disease in a woman and will allow her to take the necessary treatment prescribed by her attending physician. Thus, modern medicine and the devices that it has will allow a woman to bear a healthy child and no cold will interfere with this.    

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