Delay of menstruation

A delay in menstruation is the most common reason women visit a gynecologist. In some cases, this problem is not fraught with serious danger and is the norm. For example, for several years after the first menstruation, the girl’s body undergoes hormonal changes and an irregular cycle during these years is not a deviation – it should gradually return to normal. But in other cases, when adult women face delays in menstruation, this symptom may indicate some health problems and it is recommended to immediately consult a gynecologist.

Pregnancy is the most common reason for delayed periods.

Among mature girls who have consulted a gynecologist due to a delay in menstruation, the most common reason is pregnancy. Therefore, from the first day of delay, girls are advised to take a pregnancy test, to confirm or exclude it as a reason. If you are pregnant, you must immediately register with the antenatal clinic. If pregnancy is not confirmed, you should contact your gynecologist to further clarify the reason. 

Prolonged stress

Significant changes in the menstrual cycle can occur even as a result of a single short but severe stress. This is explained by the fact that under stress, some changes occur in the cerebral cortex that can affect the functioning of the ovaries and uterus.

Drastic weight loss

If a woman has lost a lot of weight from the last menstrual period to the start of a new cycle, this can change the cycle, lead to a delay in menstruation, and also affect the ability to become pregnant. Therefore, exhausting diets that lead to dramatic weight loss are highly discouraged for women.

Excessive physical activity

Women who abruptly began to vigorously engage in sports or have exhausted themselves with physical exertion over the past month, very often complain of a delay in menstruation and do not understand the reasons for changing the cycle. Active sports cause changes in the work of each organ in the body and a delay in menstruation – a completely normal response of the body. Just to avoid this, you need to approach sports gradually, increasing the load from day to day.

Climate change

It is also a fairly common reason for a delay in menstruation. A particularly sensitive organism can fail and react with a delay on a normal trip to the sea.

Hormonal contraceptives

If a woman begins to take hormonal contraceptives, then for the first 2-3 months her body can rebuild and react with a delay, a violation of the cycle, a change in secretions and other signs. However, if the delay is accompanied by pain, then you must immediately consult a doctor – perhaps this type of contraception did not suit the woman.  

Gynecological and endocrine diseases

Delays in menstruation and other cycle disorders can also occur due to various gynecological and endocrine diseases, such as polycystic ovary disease or cervical erosion. In such cases, it is imperative to undergo a gynecological examination, pass some tests and, if necessary, a diagnostic examination.


After 40 years, the woman’s body begins to undergo changes: the functions of the ovaries fade away, ovulation is delayed in time or does not occur. Also, mood changes, general well-being – such changes indicate the onset of menopause, against the background of which menstruation delays very often occur.

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