Signs during pregnancy

As a rule, most people live without paying attention to all sorts of signs and superstitions. Nevertheless, when a person is in some unusual state, in an unusual situation, he immediately begins to remember all possible signs and follow them. For a woman, pregnancy is such an unusual condition. Signs during pregnancy are numerous, but not all of them are advisable to follow. However, there are several signs that in fact turn out to be not so stupid and unreasonable.

Signs during pregnancy – what to look for

It is said that a pregnant woman should not eat red fruits – from this the child may be born with too red skin. In fact, red fruits and berries are sources of strong allergens, so pregnant women need to be careful about eating them. In addition, during pregnancy, in general, fruits that have pronounced taste and aroma properties should be avoided.

There is an opinion that during pregnancy a woman should not hang clothes on a rope. A folk sign explains this by the fact that the rope looks like an umbilical cord, and while hanging clothes, the umbilical cord can wrap around the fetus. In fact, it is better not to hang up underwear during pregnancy, but for a different reason. The fact is that in the process of this action, the woman raises her hands, thereby contributing to the blocking of oxygen for the child. So during pregnancy, it is better not to perform any activities related to the need to raise your hands.

Interpretation of various signs

There is a sign during pregnancy, which says that a pregnant woman should not be knitted. The fact is that knitting requires a long stay in a sitting position, and this is harmful during pregnancy, since blood flow is impeded in the pelvic organs. Proper blood flow provides the fetus with oxygen and other nutrients.

As the signs say, during pregnancy, you should not surround yourself with negative information – films, programs, conversations, etc. All activities that carry a negative attitude can negatively affect the course of pregnancy and childbirth.

There is a sign during pregnancy, which suggests that a woman in a position cannot sit cross-legged – the baby will have crooked legs. In fact, this position of the pregnant woman does not affect the curvature or straightness of the legs. But it has a significant effect on the speed of blood flow – it worsens blood flow to the small pelvis and lower limbs, and many pregnant women already suffer from excessive loads on the legs.

There are a number of examples during pregnancy, which relate to the postpartum period. One of these signs says that after giving birth for forty days you can’t show the baby to anyone, and also don’t let anyone into the house – people can jinx the baby. In fact, the evil eye has nothing to do with it. It’s just that in the first month and a half after the birth, the child’s body is still too weak and unprotected, and strangers can bring infections, and they are simply factors that violate the baby’s hygiene rules.

Signs during pregnancy – what you can not do

There are so-called superstitions, which are essentially absurd. For example, a pregnant woman should not be photographed. There is no basis for such a superstition, and being photographed during pregnancy is still possible – it’s such a pleasant memory.

Another unfounded superstition is the prohibition against giving a child the name of a relative. Many seven, by contrast, maintain the tradition of family names.

You can name many more superstitions and will take during pregnancy. To comply with them or not is a personal matter for every pregnant woman and her entourage. The main thing is that the expectant mother herself would feel comfortable.

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