Exercise increases the likelihood of conception in women

Scientists at Boston University conducted a study that led to an interesting conclusion. First of all, he should please women who want but cannot get pregnant. It turns out that regular visits to the gym and the pool will help increase the likelihood of conceiving a child.

A study by American scientists was conducted in Denmark, where they managed to select about 3.5 thousand women volunteers who were planning a pregnancy. In order to ensure the objectivity of the study, the entire range of ages was chosen when women, according to statistics, can become pregnant – from 18 to 40 years. The experiment lasted for 1 year, and during this period about 70% of the women who participated in it became pregnant. 

At the same time, scientists constantly analyzed information about the physical activity and health status of women. The main conclusion reached by the experts is that the majority of women who become pregnant were constantly exposed to prolonged, but not too intense physical activity, such as walking in the fresh air, cycling or walking in the garden. At the same time, the likelihood of becoming pregnant practically did not depend on the presence of excess weight in such women.

The final analysis of the data obtained allowed us to come to the conclusion that if the duration of such loads is, on average, about 5 hours per week, then the probability of conceiving a child increases by 18%. The comparison was carried out with a control group of study participants who experienced similar loads for less than 1 hour per week.

But those who think that an increase in loads will only benefit the female body are deeply mistaken. Additional research has shown that long-term, intense exercise, such as running or tempo aerobics for more than 5 hours a week, reduced the likelihood of getting pregnant by as much as 32% compared to the control group. Therefore, women planning a pregnancy should avoid such physical exercises.

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