Female contraception: its advantages and disadvantages

An unwanted pregnancy harms, first of all, the woman herself, because the consequences of an abortion affect her future health and the ability to give birth in the future. Men do not like to use contraceptives, and quite often there are guys who do not want to be held responsible for what they did. That is why it is very important for a woman to take care of the means of protection herself during intimacy. There are many types of female contraception, among which every girl can choose the most suitable option for herself.


The diaphragm is an elastic bezel over which a rubber film is stretched and outwardly this mechanism resembles a cap. A diaphragm is inserted into the vagina before intercourse begins in order to block the path of sperm after an erection occurs. But this type of female contraception is not suitable for everyone. Firstly, the cap gives protection against unwanted pregnancy by only 83-85%. Secondly, each organism is individual and not every woman can find a suitable diaphragm. Thirdly, not every girl can put on the diaphragm correctly, and if this condition is not met, she can easily slip off. Fourth, the hormonal gel that is used to put on the diaphragm can cause irritation. Fifth, the frequent use of the female cap for a long time can contribute to the development of some female diseases. And sixth, the diaphragm does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. As a result, it is suitable only for those couples who already have children, a fairly trusting relationship and not too frequent sex life. 

Intrauterine devices

Intrauterine devices are a very popular female contraceptive. Protection efficiency is 95% – when properly observed. There are many types of intrauterine devices, differing from each other in the principle of action. Intrauterine devices are far from being for all women – they are recommended for those who have already given birth, without the presence of gynecological diseases, since this contraceptive has a lot of contraindications. The advantages of intrauterine devices include: the effectiveness of protection, the duration of use, not requiring special attention to it (introduced once, it independently takes care of the protection of a woman for several years), when using it, there are no extraneous sensations. Disadvantages: not for everyone a suitable method (30% of cases of premature removal of the spiral due to bleeding and pain in the lower abdomen), pain during the introduction of the spiral and in the first days, the spiral can cause painful and irregular menstruation.

Chemical methods of female contraception

Chemical methods of female contraception include the use of various spermicidal suppositories, tampons, gels, sprays and creams that, when inserted into the vagina before intercourse, protect against unwanted pregnancy. The degree of such protection is on average 80%. The advantage of this type of contraception is that all these means are very easy and simple to use and do not pose a particular danger to women’s health, but they are less reliable than other methods of contraception, they work when intercourse lasts no more than 45-50 minutes and with regular use can disrupt the microflora of the vagina.

Hormonal pills

Hormonal pills are a very reliable and effective remedy; when used correctly, they give 97-98% protection against pregnancy, and normalize the cycle. The essence of the method is simple and does not cause problems and expenditure of energy, but it is important not to forget to take them every day at the same time. Oral contraceptives must be selected by a gynecologist. But not everyone is recommended to drink hormones, in addition, these drugs have a number of side effects and can cause menstrual irregularities, headaches and some other problems. 

Nova Ring

One of the newest methods of protection is a hormonal ring called Nova Ring is inserted into the vagina on day 21. The degree of protection, according to doctors, is 99%. When using it, there is no need to remember it until the moment of taking it out, there is no feeling of discomfort, you can go in for sports, swim and live a full life. Despite this, the reviews on the forums about this means of female contraception are quite different.

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