Home birth significantly increases the risk of death of the child

At the moment, the so-called “home birth” is becoming more and more popular. If earlier, our ancestors gave birth at home, only because they did not have the opportunity to do it in the hospital, today it is more of a tribute to fashion.

So, the risk of death of a newborn born at home increases by 4 times. Moreover, the importance is attached to the place of birth, and not to the presence of a midwife.

Recently, staff at the Weil- Cornell Medical Center in New York conducted the largest study to date, examining how home birth affects newborn deaths. Experts analyzed more than 14 million cases of stillbirths and early neonatal deaths (it is worth recalling that neonatal mortality refers to the death of a child in the first 28 days of life).

It was found that the risk of infant mortality in home births was 4 times higher compared to birth in a maternity hospital. In terms of numbers, it looks like this: 12.6 deaths per 10 thousand home births versus 3.2 deaths in maternity hospitals.

However, unfortunately, there is more to come. If we consider the first birth, then the number of deaths rises to 21.9 per 10 thousand births.

The danger also increases for those pregnant women who are overweight (pregnancy over 41 weeks). The risk of death of a child increased 10 times compared to similar childbirth in a medical facility.

The research results will be presented today at a conference of gynecologists in New Orleans.

Note that it is in America that home birth is very popular. Their number increases by 6% annually. If the same trend continues in the future, experts predict that the death rate of newborns will double.

Gynecologists say that the complications of a woman in labor and a child are the same, whether we take delivery at home or delivery in a hospital. There is only one difference, and it is essential: at home it is not possible to competently monitor the condition of the child and the woman in labor.

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