It became known when it is better to give birth to the first child

Scientists have conducted a series of studies that helped to find out the optimal age for conception and birth of the first child. New Zealand researchers conducted experiments and observations that revealed that for a modern woman, the optimal age for giving birth to their first child is between 18-23 years.

In earlier times, it was believed that the first birth should be as early as possible. Scientists managed to refute this theory. They proved that until the age of 18, the body of an average woman is not yet ready for full-fledged bearing of a child. As a result, the risk of miscarriages and premature birth in young women is much higher. In addition, in this case, the likelihood of various pathologies in a newborn is significantly higher.

It is also important that in modern society under 18, a girl herself is a child, primarily in an emotional and psychological context. This prevents her from getting used to the idea that now her whole life should be subordinated to the newborn, she now does not belong to her mother. This leads to the fact that young mothers simply abandon their children, even if later they regret it.

At the same time, a modern woman who postpones the first birth in 30 years for the sake of a career and material wealth is also at great risk. At this age, the likelihood of developing genetic diseases and the risk of stillbirth increases. As for her body, such a woman tolerates pregnancy much harder, she has a high probability of placental abruption and other complications.

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