How to overcome fear of childbirth

The closer the birth, the stronger the female fears of them. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to avoid this feeling, because it is natural to feel anxiety before such a responsible moment. Moreover, you bear responsibility not only for yourself, but also for a small miracle, which will see the light of day for the first time in the near future. How to tune yourself to a positive outcome of childbirth, how to overcome fear of childbirth , calm down and approach the process “fully armed”? Let’s deal with all of these questions in order. 

First fear. It is unbearably painful to give birth . There is a contradiction in this phrase itself. If it was really UNBELABLE painful to give birth to offspring, nature would provide for some other, easier, way of procreation. That is, you should understand that pain during childbirth is an indispensable part of the process, but at the same time they will not be so strong that the woman in labor could not bear them.

Can’t cope with this task on your own? Then use another method – anesthesia. Modern medicine has both medication and non-medication methods of getting rid of pain during childbirth. In this case, giving birth will not be scary and comfortable at all. But there are still certain risks associated with pain relief in childbirth, so before choosing a solution to the problem, how to overcome the fear of childbirth , be sure to consult with your doctor. 

Second fear. Possible complications . Nothing can be foreseen or foreseen here. It remains only to rely on the professionalism of doctors and midwives, who are in the delivery room all the time and help the woman in labor. But if you do not trust the maternity hospital staff, are afraid of people in white coats, are very worried about their possible mistakes in relation to you or, even more so, to the child, use the “joint childbirth” service.

Today, the practice of partner childbirth with a husband or another close person is quite widespread and can be offered in almost any maternity hospital. Having your spouse by your side during labor will certainly make you feel much calmer. He will help and support during contractions and attempts, and will provide moral support and follow (as far as possible, of course) what measures the doctors will take in relation to the newborn baby.

The third fear. Lethal outcome . Yes, of course, no one is immune from death. But take an interest in statistics, read information about who is in the first place at risk! Do you belong to socially disadvantaged elements, did you not monitor your health and did not observe the entire pregnancy with a good doctor, will you give birth alone, and no one will provide you with professional help? Of course not! So why “litter” your thoughts with terrible visions?

Better think about the good, imagine the first time you will see your baby, feel its warmth on your chest, hear the first cry … The psychological attitude towards easy, successful childbirth and further happy life is of great importance!

Ideally, in order to know how to overcome the fear of childbirth, in order to learn how to behave correctly during contractions and attempts, in order to be able to control your body and make childbirth easier, you need to enroll in special preparation courses for childbirth. The specialists working there will provide you with comprehensive support, provide you with all the important information regarding each stage of childbirth, teach you the technique of proper breathing, self-massage, interaction with obstetricians during childbirth, etc.

And remember the most important thing – all fears of childbirth disappear, all pain is instantly forgotten as soon as a tiny but already infinitely beloved creature is born – your long-awaited child!

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