I will be a mom! The first symptoms of pregnancy

Pregnancy in the life of every woman is the most significant event. It is clear that this issue should be approached with special responsibility. The well-being of a woman is always very different and depends on the duration of pregnancy. How do you know what’s going on? How to understand if a long-awaited pregnancy has come?

The most difficult task is to determine the pregnancy at the initial stage. But we all know that there are the first symptoms of pregnancy that allow a woman to know her “new status”. 

“Preliminary” symptoms

When pregnancy is planned and desired, some women become particularly sensitive. They listen to the slightest changes in their body and, thanks to this, can learn about the birth of a new life, just a few hours after conception.

In such cases, the first symptoms of pregnancy are:  

– the feeling of the presence of something foreign in the uterus;

– a feeling of mild bloating;

– malaise as with a cold;

– increased temperature in the rectum (basal temperature), which must be measured immediately after sleep, lying in bed;

– possibly a slight dark vaginal discharge.

There are also nonspecific symptoms of pregnancy, depending on the individual physiological characteristics of the woman’s body. They occur, for obvious reasons, not always and not for everyone.

For example, a metallic taste in the mouth, aversion to any food or smell, atypical behavior, white discharge. This is not to say that these are the first symptoms of pregnancy , since everything can be explained by the usual reaction to any changes in the body. But to ignore such “signs” is still not worth it, if only because they can serve as signs of health problems. 

Symptoms of pregnancy “characteristic”

It may sound trite, but there are standard manifestations of the body by which you can accurately determine the onset of pregnancy. Let’s list them.

1. Lack of “menstruation”. It is this feature that is more reliable. It is he who is the factor confirming pregnancy. From the moment of conception, throughout the entire period of gestation and during lactation, there is no and cannot be menstruation.

2. Irritability. A woman begins to take everything too close to her heart, gets annoyed over trifles, begins to act a little strange and too emotionally. There is a sharp change in mood, signs of unreasonable aggression appear. All of this is caused by changes at the hormonal level. Sooner or later, every woman will experience these symptoms.

3. One of the first symptoms of pregnancy is the well-known nausea and desire to eat something salty. Nausea , light dizziness, or more pronounced symptoms such as vomiting and fainting, indicate that a period of early toxicosis has begun.  

4. Taste preferences change: the usual food may seem bland, tasteless, but , on the contrary, you want something more spicy, sweet, salty. Increased appetite is also considered one of the signs of pregnancy.

5. Breast enlargement, noticeable swelling of the mammary glands as before menstruation. This symptom can appear both early in pregnancy and late.

Despite all these characteristic and “intuitive” symptoms of the onset of pregnancy, the best confirmation of the fact is examination and examination by a gynecologist. Do not forget that a child is the most precious thing in your life. Therefore, you are obliged to take care of him from the first days of pregnancy!

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