Mesotherapy courses

Mesotherapy courses are a procedure involving the introduction of special preparations with different compositions by means of injections. The composition of the drug used in a particular course of mesotherapy is determined by the nature of the problem that needs to be solved. The depth of entry of the needle during mesotherapy is from 3 to 4 millimeters. At this depth, drugs most effectively affect the deeper layers of the skin.

Experts have repeatedly proven that traditional injections and oral medications do not affect the entire body as a whole. But only a small dose of the drug could reach the location of the pathology. This, accordingly, was reflected in the effectiveness of therapy and the timing of treatment. Mesotherapy courses are carried out using very thin needles that do not cause severe damage to the body. In addition to the cosmetic effect, mesotherapy courses can strengthen the immune system, which responds to the introduction of a needle during mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy courses are divided into two areas:

– allopathy or drug exposure;

– homeopathy.

The existing opinion that mesotherapy courses are carried out very simply is erroneous. Carrying out the procedure requires deep knowledge from the specialist, since the cosmetologist must know exactly the depth of injection and the location of the injection, as well as the composition of the drug for injection.

The main advantage of mesotherapy courses is considered to be a complex effect on the problem. The preparations used during the procedures are compiled by the doctor individually for each patient. As a rule, mesotherapy courses are from ten to twelve procedures.

To eliminate cellulite deposits, the drug is administered by subcutaneous injection and affects lipid metabolism. As a result of this process, fat capsules are destroyed, and their number is reduced. To do this, mesotherapy uses drugs that normalize the process of blood circulation. During a mesotherapy session, up to 20 cubes of the drug are injected subcutaneously, which affects the blood microcirculation in the vessels. The injections are multiple and completely painless. The effect of the drug on the injection site lasts up to one week. If a large area is to be treated, then a greater distance is made between the injections. Contraindications to mesotherapy courses are menstruation and pregnancy.

Despite the rather high degree of effectiveness of mesotherapy procedures in removing cellulite, cosmetologists advise using an integrated approach, that is, resorting to a combination of several techniques. Moreover, mesotherapy courses are not considered as a panacea for fat deposits. Accordingly, treatment with mesotherapy should be started as early as possible, when the procedures can serve as an effective prevention of further accumulation of subcutaneous fat.

Among other advantages of mesotherapy courses, they list the absence of drug toxicity, a long-term positive effect, that is, cellulite can be eliminated for quite a long time, the absence of restrictions associated with the patient’s age, unlimited treatment area, overall good tolerability of drugs administered during the mesotherapy course, and so on. Among the disadvantages of mesotherapy, it is worth noting the formation of redness, traces of injections and some soreness of the procedure, which, however, does not always happen. By the way, some drugs used in mesotherapy can even remove stones from the kidneys. An important contraindication to mesotherapy courses is the ban on the procedure after surgery.

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