Polyps in the uterus

What causes watering in the uterus?

– Firstly, the main factor is hormonal imbalance. The cause of the occurrence may be various inflammatory processes that provoke further diseases.

– Secondly, the occurrence of polyps occurs due to frequent abortions, as well as due to long-term wearing of the intrauterine device.

The main symptoms of the appearance and growth of polyps are disruptions in the menstrual cycle. The main symptom of which is – uterine bleeding dysfunction .

In order to diagnose uterine polyps, you need to contact a gynecologist. To find out the cause of inflammation, a special optical device is used, which is inserted through the cervix – colposcope . The latest generations of colposcopes are equipped with a high-precision video camera that displays an image of tissues on a monitor and allows you to see the smallest changes in the epithelium. A study is also being conducted in which a contrast agent is injected, it helps to better and faster determine the size of an existing polyp. To find out all the main reasons for the formation of polyps in the uterus, you should go through the main course of tests, namely: general, as well as biochemical blood tests, hormone tests, and also take a smear to determine the state of the flora and the presence of latent infections.

In order to cure uterine polyps , various technologies are used, mainly surgical. Often, in order to get rid of polyps, a scraping procedure is prescribed. It is important to remember that it is necessary to take breaks between polyp removal procedures and other medical procedures in order not to infect the inflamed mucosa.

If at this time a woman is planning a pregnancy, then the doctor prescribes a list of recommended contraceptives. With the onset of pregnancy, polyps are not removed, however, for the health of a woman, it is important to treat polyps without fail after childbirth. Treatment can be carried out with the use of various antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs.

It is important to note that uterine polyps require particularly careful attention and treatment. There are no special methods for preventing the growth of polyps in the uterus , however, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, mandatory control over body weight and blood pressure, as well as timely gynecological examinations, significantly reduce the risk of occurrence and growth of uterine polyps.

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