Pregnancy and beauty

Pregnancy is a huge burden and hard work for the female body. Of course, no woman is afraid of changes in her body, since the main goal for her is to bear a healthy and strong baby. That is why the fetus receives all the essentials by taking it from its mother. For women, pregnancy, instead of giving beauty, creates multiple problems with both health and appearance. Many pregnant women often face problems such as bleeding gums, hair loss, deterioration of the facial skin, pigmentation, and a feeling of constant fatigue is added to all this. That is why every woman during pregnancy is advised to take care of her beauty in advance. 

Physical exercise

It’s no secret that beauty is primarily health, and health is moderate daily physical activity, since a sedentary lifestyle creates many different health problems. It is very important to take some time to exercise every day during pregnancy. Such activities will help a woman stay in shape after the birth of her baby. But if a woman went in for sports before pregnancy, given the position, she should reduce physical activity, for example, instead of fitness, go to yoga or Pilates classes. And the main thing is not to overwork the body too much, remembering that everything is good in moderation.

Face care

During pregnancy, every woman undergoes hormonal shifts, which are very strongly reflected on the skin: age spots and acne can appear on the face and neck. Of course, all this will go away by itself after giving birth, but a woman always wants to look good. This condition is due to the increased sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet rays. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to spend as little time as possible in the sun, and if necessary, apply a protective cream to the skin. Also, cosmetologists do not recommend a woman not to use cosmetics while carrying a child: a little mascara and gloss on the lips will be enough.

Tooth and gum care

Teeth and gums are the most common problem a pregnant woman faces. Since the baby takes many beneficial micronutrients from the mother’s body, she may face problems such as crumbling teeth and bleeding gums. In order to avoid a visit to the dentist, you need to consume foods high in calcium every day: cottage cheese, cheese and dairy products. If a pregnant woman’s gums begin to bleed, she can use folk remedies and rinse her mouth with a decoction of oak bark or chamomile.

Hair care

Hair care is another very important point for a pregnant woman. It is worth saying that the hair is especially weakened at this time, so the expectant mother may face such problems as hair loss and fragility. Folk remedies for strengthening hair will best protect hair during pregnancy . It is recommended to make hair masks from castor or burdock oil at least once a week, and rinse your hair with a decoction of onion peel. 

Body care

The figure of a pregnant woman changes a lot, the skin stretches and can lose its elasticity and create many problems for a woman after childbirth. Nowadays, there are many large manufacturers engaged in the production of special products for skin care during pregnancy. Moisturizers that increase the elasticity of the skin and maintain its firmness, which are based on collagen, will help to avoid the appearance of stretch marks after childbirth and restore the figure. And there are also special bandages for pregnant women, which not only help preserve the figure, but also greatly facilitate the life of a pregnant woman.

Compliance with all recommendations will greatly facilitate and speed up the recovery period for the mother, after the birth of the baby. 

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