Pregnancy calendar: necessary, important, interesting!

For most women, pregnancy is a bright, desirable, joyful event. The upcoming nine months are full of new sensations and emotions. Everything that will happen during this period will be told by the pregnancy calendar – a useful and convenient modern service available to every woman today. Let not everything go as smoothly and pleasantly as we would like, because the changes taking place in the body of a future mother are sometimes difficult and unexpectedly painful, but every day a woman will wake up and fall asleep with one single thought: “Soon I will have a baby!” …

Today, a self-monitoring pregnancy calendar is available to all parents-to-be. And what information can be gleaned from it, we will tell you right now.

I want to know everything about my pregnancy!

So, the modern interactive pregnancy calendar tells in all details about everything that happens in the woman’s body after the successful conception of the baby. For ease of use, it is compiled according to a certain scheme and is broken down ” weekly ” – from the first day of conception to the moment of delivery. That is, each pregnancy observation calendar has 42 weeks, grouped into three trimesters:

– from the 1st to the 13th week (first trimester);

– from the 14th to the 26th week (second trimester);

– from the 27th to the 40th week (third trimester).

The first story in each week’s section is, of course, devoted to fetal development. Future mothers can find out how the baby is growing, the rudiments of which organs appear in the baby on certain days, what the baby can do at a certain stage of pregnancy.

Further, the pregnancy calendar will tell no less interesting information about what is happening with the woman’s body. Please note that this data is important, as it helps you to independently figure out possible “problems”. And the timely detection of a problem and seeking help from a doctor, as you know, helps to avoid serious complications in the future.

In addition to the basic data on the stages of pregnancy from a convenient calendar, you can find out when and what tests the expectant mother needs to take, what all these tests mean, what examination methods are provided in the generally accepted practice of obstetrics and what they are intended for. The calendar will tell you how long you can find out the sex of the child, what difficulties may arise with the health of the mother and the fetus, and also how to help yourself avoid possible problems. Moreover, according to the individual pregnancy calendar, you can calculate the date of birth, which, you see, is a very important point for “potential” parents.

Question answer

If you think that the information in a special “manual” for pregnant women is limited to the description of the “physiology” of carrying a child, you are deeply mistaken! In the sections of the calendar dedicated to the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, there is a lot of useful information that will interest not only mothers, but also fathers – after all, for them the birth of a child is no less important moment in life.

Additional sections of the interactive pregnancy calendar can be forums – an interesting and useful page, since it is in the nature of a woman to share her own experiences and joys with all her “girlfriends”. By the way, in the calendar you can find many stories about childbirth, and this will calm and prepare the expectant mother for the upcoming test.

Based on the foregoing, the only conclusion can be drawn: the pregnancy calendar is a faithful companion and reliable guide for each week of waiting for the birth of a baby. Be sure to get yourself such an assistant, and enjoy every minute of your amazing state!

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