Pregnancy management: do I have to pay?

The time when a woman needs to take special care of her health is, of course, the time of pregnancy. It is necessary to periodically visit a doctor, do ultrasound, take tests. All this, of course, pleasant chores, and it is better if everything goes without problems.

What is pregnancy management?

Every woman understands perfectly well how important it is to get to a good specialist just when a new life was born in her. After all, you need to be sure that the baby is developing well, that he is healthy – this will increase the chances of successful gestation and childbirth. In addition, according to the law, the registration of a pregnant woman in a clinic is required. Therefore, pregnancy is mandatory in any case.

Pregnancy management includes:

— consultations of experienced specialists;

– all necessary tests;

– Ultrasound of the fetus at various stages of development;

– monitoring the health of the mother.

In order to create the most favorable conditions for the development of the baby, the doctor, based on the health data of the expectant mother, will recommend an appropriate diet, taking certain medications and vitamins, and detect and prevent possible risks in time.

Where to apply?

Following the example of friends, relatives, acquaintances, you can contact the antenatal clinic at the place of residence. But, most likely, you will have to wait a long time for a doctor’s appointment, make an appointment for a scheduled ultrasound three or four weeks before the event, and go through many other inconveniences. It is quite possible that the level of equipment for antenatal clinics leaves much to be desired, because the equipment of most state medical institutions is still very poor.

Many women who care about their health have opted for a paid clinic. They note that the quality of services here is much higher, specialists are familiar with the latest achievements in the field of gynecology and are very attentive – the concept of an individual approach is implemented here in the best possible way. The expectant mother has increased confidence in the favorable outcome of pregnancy and in the absolute protection of health – both her own and the unborn child.

Your pregnancy management program

In the metropolitan clinic ” MediClub ” for you will pick up an individual program of pregnancy management . There are special comprehensive programs that include a full range of services. You will find that when you purchase a comprehensive pregnancy management program, you will save significantly compared to using all these services separately.

You can undergo the necessary examinations and take tests in the same center , you do not have to travel to different parts of the city to see a physiotherapist, for ultrasound, for other procedures. We have doctors of various specialties, from a chiropractor to a reproductologist . Their high qualification, fast and high-quality work will allow you to save time and effort.

The modern diagnostic complex ” MediClub ” is a real opportunity to organize the management of pregnancy at the highest level, as well as, if diseases are detected, diagnostics and full quality control of treatment .

Pregnancy management in the MediClub clinic is carried out on the basis of the personal characteristics of each woman. Any deviation during pregnancy is instantly corrected, appropriate measures are taken, so that you will never leave the feeling of absolute security.

Pregnancy is a happy, but also very exciting time. Our specialists will do everything possible to ensure that the expectation of the baby brings you only pleasant emotions.

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