Preparing for pregnancy

Conscious parenting is becoming a very popular topic in modern society. Preparing for pregnancy is a deliberate deliberate process of adults, both of the expectant mother and the future father. It begins long before conception and begins with the awareness of the need to give your offspring a combination of physical, emotional and spiritual health. Most often, preparation for pregnancy, along with gestation and childbirth, is attributed to a woman. Why does a man play an equally important role? As much, perhaps even more, the baby’s future depends on the quality of the sperm. As you know, the sex of a child is determined precisely by the set of paternal genes. Spermatogenesis, i.e. maturation of sperm occurs in about three months. Just such a time before the planned conception, you must carefully monitor your health, nutrition, habits; it is necessary to strictly avoid the harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol, smoke, contact with poisonous substances. Needless to say about drugs – their use for a long time affects the body even after stopping them.

Medical examination of future parents

Conscious preparation of parents for conception should take place not only at the everyday level. Medical examination is essential. The first stage of a conscious decision to have a baby should be a medical examination of a woman and a man, respectively, by a female and male doctor. Of course, the maximum examination of the expectant mother is important, which is not limited to a gynecological examination. A number of tests are needed, including a blood test for toxoplasma and cytomegalovirus. A blood test will also be required for the presence of immunodeficiency virus, syphilis and hepatitis. A vaginal flora smear is required. In the end, it will be nice to undergo an ultrasound examination of the internal organs of the small pelvis, as well as the kidneys, and pass a urine test. It is obligatory for both parents to visit a therapist in order to make sure that you are as healthy as you think. If it turns out that you overestimated your state of health, the doctor will additionally prescribe an examination, correction of the condition so that the baby is born healthy.
Infections for which parents are not immune, such as rubella and toxoplasmosis, can have serious consequences for the baby. If it turns out that your body is unfamiliar with the viruses of these diseases, you may need an appropriate vaccination. Otherwise, you will spend the entire pregnancy in fear of contracting these dangerous pathologies.


This infection is carried by pets; it is also found in raw meat. The risk of infection increases with the length of time you live with your cat in the house. Most likely, your immune system is already familiar with toxoplasma and knows how to fight it. However, only analysis will give a reliable result. It is very dangerous to have a pet during pregnancy, so you shouldn’t.


If the test shows you are not immune to rubella, you will need a vaccine. But it should be remembered that within six months after it, you should not plan a pregnancy.

The Harm of X-Ray Radiation

When considering conception, remember that both mother and father should avoid exposure to X-rays. They cause especially strong harm to the egg cell. Therefore, if the need for such a study arises and the danger to your health exceeds the harm from radiation, you must put on a protective apron on the abdomen.
Necessity of medication
It happens that the expectant mother has a chronic illness and it is impossible to avoid the use of medication. In this case, your doctor will help you choose the drugs that are least harmful to the fetus or adjust the dose. If, due to the severity of the mother’s pathology, it is impossible to change the drug or dose, you need to weigh the pros and cons and remember how serious the responsibility lies with you.

Examinations by narrow specialists
It often happens that existing vision problems during pregnancy may worsen. The optometrist may insist on having a cesarean section.
Dentist The
condition of the oral cavity has a huge impact on the entire body. This is especially important when it comes to the body of the expectant mother. Sanitation of the oral cavity is one of the necessary preventive procedures before pregnancy.


In the case of the mature age of the mother or father (over 35 years), especially if there are genetic abnormalities in the family history, future parents need to consult a specialist – a geneticist.

Other Precautions
If you are planning a pregnancy, limit your exercise intensity, especially abdominal exercises, and in no case start active sports. In case of any pathology, do not self-medicate: take even the simplest drugs only after visiting a doctor. Avoid stress for the body: a sauna, a bath, cold douches, swimming in an ice-hole are not for you if you are planning to conceive. Restrictions also include strong tea and coffee, bans – smoking and alcohol at least three months before the planned pregnancy. If antibiotic treatment is necessary, conception is delayed. If the mother was treated, then for a month, and if the father, then for at least three months. For three months, stop taking hormonal contraceptives.

Nutrition and vitamins
Nutrition should be light, healthy and balanced. Add vitamins to your menu. It is better if these are vitamins from products. Or add them in synthetic form. Folic acid is very important for parents-to-be, which should be taken long before conception, and for a mother even after.

Psychological readiness
An important factor in future pregnancy and the key to a successful course, childbirth and health of the unborn baby is psychological readiness for pregnancy. And not only from parents, but also from other family members, including older children. A state of emotional well-being and tranquility is a prerequisite not only for successful conception, but also for the happiness of the unborn child and parents. Do not get hung up on the date of conception, do not write everything down by the minute in order to avoid disappointment. Do your best to ensure healthy offspring, lead a healthy lifestyle, be content, enjoy the relationship, and conception will happen unnoticed at the right time.

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