Prevention and treatment of anemia and anemia in women

In the medical world, anemia is considered a clinical condition triggered by a low level of hemoglobin in the blood. This condition is accompanied by a low red blood cell count. The basis of anemia is iron, which is contained in the protein hemoglobin and is the main constituent of the erythrocyte. It is thanks to the iron that the blood gets red.

There are the following forms of anemia:

– Posthemorrhagic;

– Hemolytic;

– Anemia, which has developed due to a violation of the production of red blood cells.

The patient should be aware that anemia is a serious and dangerous disease, the treatment of which cannot be delayed and started.

Why do women develop anemia?

The normal level of hemoglobin in the blood of the weaker sex is 12-16 g / dl. Low rates are the result of anemia. There are various reasons for the development of the disease. It:

 Serious loss of blood, diseases of the internal organs, namely the gastrointestinal tract, with impaired absorption of iron;

 Stomach ulcer; 

 Chronic gastritis; 

 Diseases of the bone marrow;

 The presence of worms in the body;

 Diseases of the pelvic organs, which are accompanied by severe bleeding during menstruation in violation of the duration and cycle;

 Oncological diseases;

 Pregnancy. The decrease in hemoglobin is due to the consumption of this element per fetus;

 Vegetarianism, causing iron deficiency due to the lack of meat and other protein products in the diet;

 Diets. There are many diets that involve avoiding iron-rich foods;

 Excessive use of Ibuprofen, Aspirin;

 Mental disorders.

Anemia is considered a dangerous disease, with the treatment of which in no case should be delayed. Unfortunately, there have been many deaths due to anemia. If you suspect anemia, you should immediately seek qualified help from a specialist. If the treatment is complex and timely, then the disease can be overcome quickly.

Signs of anemia

Like any ailment, anemia is accompanied by many symptoms. Alas, people often do not attach importance to them, citing depression or temporary fatigue. If the symptoms of anemia are not noticed in time, the consequences can become too serious. They can be:

– Chronic weakness and exhaustion;

– Excessive fatigue;

– Irritability;

– Depressive state; 

– Poor appetite;

– Low working capacity;

– Brittle nails and dull hair;

– Excessive dryness of the skin (yellowness);

– Excessive sleepiness;

– Tingling sensation in the limbs.

Chalk cravings can also be a sign of anemia. It can be noted that this is one of the most accurate signs of the disease. A sick person may have different symptoms, it largely depends on the human body. If a person noticed any of the listed symptoms, then he must be examined. Better to prevent disease than to start. In no case should you look for excuses for the symptoms, since you can start the disease. If the ailment is started, then the person’s hair begins to fall out, nails break, bleeding increases.


For prevention, it is recommended to eat foods rich in iron. You cannot overwork, but it is also not recommended to lead an inactive lifestyle. Do not contact with toxic substances, gasoline and other petroleum products.

Also, for prevention, it is recommended to drink tincture of nettle, rose hips, strawberries, a series of tripartite and spinach leaves. When treating various ailments, it is also recommended to resort to folk remedies. Together with medications and a strict diet, they can increase the body’s resistance to diseases. If, during an exacerbation, you really want chalk, then you shouldn’t deny yourself. At the pharmacy, you can buy chalk without any additives.

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