Pain in early pregnancy

Pregnancy is a great time for a woman. But sometimes it is overshadowed by unpleasant moments – pain. Throughout pregnancy, a woman is faced with pain of a different nature. For the most part, you should not be afraid of these sensations, especially in the early stages, since it is usually associated with changes in the body and is the norm.

The first painful sensations during pregnancy are associated with the implantation of an egg into the lining of the uterus. Such pains, aching, tingling, not intense, may be accompanied by slight bloody discharge. They arise in the first one and a half weeks after ovulation and pass on their own. Such pains signal conception even before it is possible to diagnose pregnancy by ultrasound.

“Correct” pain

“Useful” can be called mild pain in the early stages of pregnancy in the lower abdomen in the area of ​​one of the ovaries. Such sensations are associated with the growth of the cyst of the corpus luteum of the ovary, which is responsible for the production of the pregnancy hormone – progesterone. The more progesterone is produced, the easier the pregnancy is. Necessary for greater elasticity of the uterus, progesterone affects the spinal discs, which, when the center of gravity is shifted, causes discomfort to the woman, in the form of lower back pain. They can appear from time to time or be observed throughout pregnancy, exacerbated by exercise fatigue.  

Soreness, hypersensitivity and swelling are characterized by changes in the mammary glands during pregnancy. Particular soreness is felt in the first three months, but sensations may return at the very end of pregnancy. The growth of glandular tissue occurs as a result of hormonal changes in order to prepare the breast for lactation.

The early signs of pregnancy include frequent headaches caused by hormonal changes and increased venous pressure. This cannot but affect the nervous system and causes migraines in the expectant mother, although it does not harm the fetus. However, if the pain is caused by changes in blood pressure, then this can signal a danger to the woman and the fetus.

Dangerous pain

In early pregnancy, an ectopic pregnancy can cause severe pain . They are given to the sacrum or rectum, accompanied by bloody discharge. With such a pregnancy, the egg does not attach to the mucous membrane of the uterus, but remains in the fallopian tube, continuing its growth there, and, as a result, ruptures it. The pipe can only be saved if a doctor is consulted in time.   

Trouble may be associated with a lack of progesterone. When the egg cannot attach, pulling pains appear. And if you do not start taking artificial progesterone, there is a high probability of spontaneous abortion, that is, miscarriage. Spontaneous abortion is accompanied by sharp, severe pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, bleeding. If untreated, the pain becomes cramping. It is possible to save a pregnancy if you consult a doctor at the beginning of the process.

Often, pain in women in the early stages can be caused by reasons that are not related to the pregnancy itself . This can be caused by exacerbated chronic diseases, appendicitis, etc. The reason for this is weakened immunity and changes in hormonal levels. Third-party pain is accompanied by bouts of nausea, vomiting and fever.     

Most diseases during pregnancy must be treated in a hospital, under the constant supervision of a doctor. Of course, you shouldn’t worry about mild pain. But you need to remember that now you are responsible not only for yourself, but also for the nascent life of a little man – frivolity can cost you both dearly.

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