They are so different – signs of pregnancy before the delay!

There are, of course, special women who feel the onset of pregnancy a week after conception. But most of the fair sex are not aware of anything until the delay comes. But I want to know something about a happy event as early as possible! Therefore, we present to your attention the signs of pregnancy before the delay , which, by the way, are hard to miss. 

Looks like you are pregnant?

If you have a frequent urge to urinate, and have to get up to use the toilet several times at night, there is a chance that this is the case – conception has occurred. The reason for this sign of pregnancy is an increase in hormonal levels in a woman’s body. It is hormones that can cause frequent urination.

The “symptom” of the first stages of pregnancy can be a state when you get tired quickly, feel sluggish throughout the day. I want to constantly sleep. There is nothing surprising in this, because it is drowsiness that is considered the first sign of pregnancy. This is due primarily to an increase in the level of the hormone progesterone.

You are unlikely to be able to miss such a clear sign as nausea. Morning sickness is a sign of imminent motherhood. By the way, this unpleasant feeling does not appear only in the morning. Many women who experience the unpleasant state of nausea in the morning cannot get rid of it even during the day. But! If almost all pregnant women are sick, then only half of expectant mothers have vomiting.

Check your chest. An early sign of pregnancy is changes in the mammary glands. The chest becomes larger, painful sensations or tingling sensations appear. Skin okolososochnyh halos may start to darken. With the onset of pregnancy, the breasts are poured and firm to the touch. Breast augmentation is stronger than before the onset of menstruation.

A couple of days after conception, a persistent aversion to almost any food may appear. The thought of fried meat immediately makes you sick. You walk past Chinese restaurants with your nose pinched. Your taste preferences have changed. Take note of these pre- menstrual pregnancy signs due to increased hormone levels in your body.  

Any unpleasant odors (and common ones as well) during pregnancy are disgusting. If possible, avoid unpleasant odors, and especially tobacco smoke, harmful to the unborn child.

Finally, mood swings are a common symptom of pregnancy. Even before the delay, a woman’s “capriciousness” can become unbearable, and for herself this state will be as incomprehensible as for those around her.

What’s happening?

After conception, after some time, the egg (already fertilized) enters the uterine cavity. This can cause spotting, which usually appears within two weeks of pregnancy.

Bleeding may be accompanied by seizures. They feel like cramps during menstruation, which is why many women mistake such signs of pregnancy before the delay as the beginning of “critical” days.  

Conception is most likely successful if you have a white, milky vaginal discharge. Usually, such discharge is harmless and does not require special treatment. A similar clinical picture is explained by the thickening of the walls of the vagina immediately after conception.

Note: A discharge with an unpleasant odor, burning sensation and itching is a symptom of a bacterial or yeast infection. In this case, you need to see a doctor.

Each woman has her own individual characteristics, but despite this, the signs of an incipient pregnancy are common for many expectant mothers:

· Increased sleepiness and fatigue;

· Increased urination;

Vomiting and morning sickness;

· Enlargement of the mammary glands and changes in the area around the nipples;

· Changes in taste preferences;

Aversion to food;

· Intolerance to odors;

· Mood swings.

Listen to her and check – what if you are really pregnant?

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